Global Caravan’s Dancing with a Frame Drum as a Prop with Angie



Global Caravan’s Dancing with Frame Drums


Global Caravan presents

The newest online class

GC moves with the Frame Drum as a Prop!

With Master Teacher Angie Wimmer

So exciting! Add another prop to your GC dance steps! Angie brings another level of flash to our some simple and some more complicated traditional steps to add variety and spice to your dance!

  • Intro
  • Including an arm warm-up to get you started!
  • Arabic turn with 2 arm variations
  • Shakira
  • Maya with up-down arms
  • Dulci’s Walk
  • Arabic #3 With Hip Twist
  • Propeller Turn with walk around
  • Wrap turn
  • Divine Combo
  • Camel walk 1
  • Spanish Moon 2 arm patterns
  • Cool Down

Download and dance with passion!

43 minutes

copyright 2021

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