Online Class #20 Super Power Class — Zilling and Drilling



Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ®

Online Class #20
Super Power Class — Zilling and Drilling

with Paulette Rees-Denis
and Allie Joseph, Angie Neylan Wimmer,
and Misha Cain Nell

**For Beginning to Intermediate dancers ( and good for all levels!)
with basic Zilling demonstrations and explanations, and lots of drilling, with and without the zils!

Includes full warm up, plus
Zil technique, posture, positioning, sounds
Zil Drills
Drilling with zils in triplets
Drilling without zils in duets

Steps to drill and follow along with( no dance technique) include:
Ghawazee, and Ghawazee #1, turning, Ghawazee accent with ½ turns
Regular hip bumps and Combo, Single hip bumps, and turning
Arabic with ¼ turns, Arabic #1, Arabic Side to side
Turkish shimmy, with ¼ and ¼ turns
Egyptian Basic, with ½ turns, Double Egyptian
Tunisian and Double Tunisian
Diagonal Shimmy, Shimmy Box Combo, Shoulder Shimmy
Slow and fast Bicycle Shimmy
Amaya Box
Maya, and traveling


Please download right away so you can keep it forever… you have 3 times only to download, expires in 30 days!


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