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A must have for not only Tribal Bellydancers, but all! This studio recording includes 13 explosive, mesmerizing songs. With Jeff Rees, Bruce Beaton, Peter Archer, and Anthony Mansolino, Guest musicians: Doug Adams, Jeff Trott, and Victor El Agua. 1999


Stick Dance 4:18
Gypsy Rain 5:12
Ou Est Ma Petite Danseuse? 4:25
Giza 4:37
Mirage 5:02
Dust Storm 5:18
Highland 6:13
Migration 5:16
St. Peter 2:50
The Making 6:55
Zeffa 7:23
Algerian Drum Song 4:03
Prayer From the Ridge 11:15

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**Fantastic MusicBy BetsyBoop 

This was my first cd by Gypsy Caravan and it made me purchase their other cds that they have produced. The music has a great melody to go along with the drum beat; especially when you are a just starting to belly dance and you other music has mostly drums. Listening to the songs just makes me want to dance and flow along with the music. I actually cannot think of anything negative about this one. If you like to have a pure drum beat without a lot of extras this cd is not for you.

**Very PleasedBy Carol E. Kahler 

I am a fan of Gypsy Caravan, so I was very pleased with this selection. Awesome for tribal, every cut sounds different… excellent combination of rhythms, fast slow, seductive… all in one CD


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