The Tribal Connection Volume 8B Basic Drilling with Allie!




The Tribal Connection Volume 8B, Basic Drilling with Allie!

In this video Allie leads us through some great drilling using both right and left sides! Drill away!

Moves in drills–starting on the Right side!


Ghawazee Variation 1

3/4 shimmy

3/4 shoulder shimmy walking

Ghawazee accent 1/4 turns

Ghawazee with Head slides

slow bicycle

fast bicycle


hip bump combo 

shimmy box combo

Single hip bumps

Choo Choos

Length of video: approx. 15 min $15.00

The Tribal Connection, Drilling with Allie Joseph, August 2019,
beginning drilling review, right and left sides
Music by Gypsy Caravan from Remarkably Remixed: Remember Fallujah Dub
copyright 2020



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