Tribal Technique Volume 6 – for Digital Download



Tribal Technique Volume 6 – for Digital Download

with Paulette Rees-Denis and the Gypsy Caravan
Tribal Styling

As we continue on our dance path, there is much fusion and evolution with Tribal Bellydance. Here is a taste for you to work with Indian and Spanish Stylings.

Indian Styling:

  • Prayer Hands
  • Yin Yang
  • Happiness
  • Moon Turn
  • Wrap Turn
  • Head Glide with Ghawazee
  • Indian Hip Drop with 1/4 Turn
  • Hip Circles


  • Wrist Circle Accents
  • Shimmy with Skirts
  • Turkish with Skirts
  • Knee Slap Combo
  • Hip Bump Skirt
  • Lift Combo
  • Skirt Swish with 1/4 Turns

We include a warm-up, the technique sections, with practice sessions, and a live performance clip. The Gypsy Caravan dancers are Paulette Rees-Denis, Dulcinea Myers-Newcomb, Michele Gila, Carol Vance, Karen Hunt, Christine Moon and Nicole Daddona.

Approximately 1 hour run time.



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