Tribal Technique Volume 8 – for Digital Download



Tribal Technique Volume 8 – for Digital Download

with Paulette Rees-Denis and the Gypsy Caravan
Mesmerizing Slow Moves Intermediate Level

Enter into our lair, Caravan Studio, and try out these beautiful and mesmerizing slow moves, then add them to your dance repertoire. Tribal Bellydance is based on improvisational moves, so
watch, listen, and move along with us to learn the steps. This instructional DVD is part of our sequential technique series, and it is intended for intermediate level dancers. It will be beneficial
for you to know the dance steps from the previous volumes to best use and understand these moves. Thank you for your desire to further enrich your dance and may you always dance with passion and

The steps include:

  • Maya with up arms
  • Circle in a circle
  • Alternating Arabic—front and back
  • Lean Walk
  • Camel 3
  • Belly Wave

We have included the teaching section with several practice sessions, a cool down, and live footage of the Gypsy Caravan dancers in action! We thank the Gypsy Caravan musicians and the band, Mizna, for the use of their fabulous music in making this DVD.

Approximately 1 hour run time.



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