Gypsy Caravan Online Class #6–Circular, slower moves plus 2 Orbits!



Gypsy Caravan’Tribal Bellydance  ™

Online Class #6… With Paulette and Cinzia Di Cioccio

* Circular, slower moves plus 2 Orbits!

 Review, drill, and add more steps to your dance, and a few orbits to share with a partner!

This is an Intermediate Level class, with reviews, and drills! about 18 minutes of getting your Tribal dance love…

We love these short classes full of tribal goodness, with instruction and drilling for you and your dance partners to use over and over again to get the steps and transitions down, and add to your own fabulous tribal styled dance. Some new steps, some refinement, drill away and get your tribal on!

1. ½ hip circles

2. Hip drop circle back –with variation—arms up and down, extra hip drops

3. Washing machine

4. Carolyn’s Walk

With a Partner to switch leads!

5. Directional Shimmy Combo (review)
with orbit variation—The Turnaround

6. Orbit #3

Please note that you can only download this twice to your own personal computers please!

Thanks to Love, Light, Joy Studio, filmed in Milan Italy, 2014
Videographer: Claudia Bassi 
Thanks for our Gypsy Caravan song– Zeffa
Copyright 2014 Paulette Rees-Denis

Paulette Rees-Denis/ Gypsy Caravan Dance Company
enjoy your dance, tribal rocks!


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