Paulette Rees-Denis’s Online Class #10–Funky Bits and Groovin’ It Up!



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Online Class #10–Funky Bits and Groovin’ It Up!  

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Fabulous, Fun, and funky moves to add to your dance

With Paulette, Carol Vance, Karen Hunt         

Are you ready for a good 25 minute dance workout? With twelve moves to step it up and have fun with your dance!

  1. Funky Heather
  2. Arabic Shimmy
  3. Moroccan Shoulder Shimmy
  4. African Egyptian
  5. Shasay Shoulder Shimmy
  6. Honor the Earth
  7. Honor the Sky
  8. P’s Combo
  9. Castle Rock
  10. Arabic Hip Roll
  11. Low Five
  12. High Five

plus bits of drilling to get your Tribal on… enjoy your dance, tribal rocks

 Celebrate your dance, your body, and your dance sisters and brothers….

Music by Gypsy Caravan off the Remarkably Remixed CD…

Copyright 2014 Paulette Rees-Denis

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Online Class

Online Class #10… Funky Bits and Groovin’ It Up!


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