Paulette Rees-Denis and Gypsy Caravan’s Tribal Bellydance Online Class #2


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Let’s work it dancers! get your tribal groove going… basic to more advanced…layer and add variations!

We will email you a link and password to the Vimeo video for you to workout, dance, and drill to!

Join Paulette and Gypsy C dancers Carol Vance and Hilary Giovale–filmed in Flagstaff, AZ
Online Class 2
Focus on steps with several variations and combos
Part 1. Warmup
Part 2. Takseem and variations
            Snake Arms
            Wrist Accent
            Structural Roll, with arms and inside wrist accent
            Arabic walk, with wrist circles
            Arabic Variation #1, levels with snake arms
            Orbit one, with Arabic and snake arms to switch leads   
Part 3. More Ghawazee Variations and Egyptian Basic Variations
            Ghawazee Variation #2, with 1/3 turns
            Ghawazee Variation #3
            Ghawazee Shimmy
            Ghawazee Shimmy combo- with back ¾ shimmy
            Egyptian Amaya- with Egyptian Basic and Amaya Box, on the corner box
            Egyptian Basic and Double Egyptian
            Egyptian basic- side to side
            Yasmela’s Combo- (short)- based on Egyptian basic
Part 4. Drilling!
            Combining last session and this session…dance with Carol and Hilary to get those moves in your body and your muscle memory!dance on…this time follow along without my voice and see how you do watching the leader!
Woo hoo… enjoy your dance, tribal rocks!





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