Collective Soul Level Four

Collective Soul Level Four

for Advanced Level One Technique

Tribal Styling Additions and Combos

   *Two days, twelve hours, six each day….

* Reach this next level with discussions, journaling ideas to focus and empower you and your dance, and add new steps and ideas to your tribal repertoire

* Continue to work on smoother transitions between moves
* Add dance variations with Spanish and Indian inspired styling
* Work on partnering with ease and confidence
* Work on various formations and combos
* Continue to build your confidence as a dancer, leading and following
* Push and Strengthen your improvisational skills
* Continue use of zil patterns
* Participate in discussions about tribal bellydance artistry, appropriate costuming and music

* Feel the love of the dance…and have a great time dancing together as a circle of women, feeling the community spirit of this dance!

Our desire is:

  • to guide you to follow your dreams
  • to teach you dance technique, strength training, and body awareness skills
  • to assist you in acknowledging and becoming the artist you are/can be
  • to challenge and empower you as a dancer
  • to honor your body, your spirit, and your mind
  • to joyfully bring you together with other like-minded dancers from around the globe..