Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®–Teacher Training–Online with Paulette

Teacher Training–Online with Paulette and 

Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® Certification Intensive

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February 15th, 2020

Certified Teacher

Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®

Teachers and Want-to-be Teachers! This is for you!

Improvisation. Creativity. Community. Gorgeousness. Bling.

You love this dance.

Teacher Training Level One, online with Paulette Rees-Denis,

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Do you want to teach GCTB® in your town?

 Teacher Training Level One is happening ONLINE, with Paulette Rees-Denis!


Would you like to bring us to your town for workshops and intensives…send us an email for info and let’s do this!

Now I am making it more accessible for you to study with us and start teaching this powerful and luscious tribal style. Yes, starting online with me!  This is a way to get you started toward your dreams!

It takes:

  • Desire — yes, you really want to…
  • Passion — it is in your blood
  • Work — really good, hard, and fun work
  • Patience — sometimes longer than you think
  • Time Commitment — to be fully present and complete the work
  • Love — yourself, your body, your dance, and the sharing

You need the desire, the love, the passion, the willingness to commit, and you can do it.

We want you to join our teaching tribe now!

Teacher Training Level One is for you…if…

  • You’re a leader
  • You love this dance
  • You love the sisterhood
  • You love to spread the love
  • You enjoy fun – with much joy and celebration
  • You honor and work your body with wellness, wholeness and connection
  • You connect with your self – all body, mind and spirit- and then with each other…
  • You desire to empower others with the beauty of our dance: Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®
  • You want to bring this dance to your town, your people! Spread the tribal love…
  • and you’ve completed Collective Soul Level One

securedownload copyWanda Walker, Washington

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWalky , the first certified GCTB Teacher in Mexico

Midori Takeda-Teacher trainingMidori, the first certified GCTB Teacher in Japan

Let me guide you with business ideas, a tried and successful dance class format, and creative ideas to honor you and your brilliance, so you can pass on the legacy too.

1. The first step is to complete the Certification in our Collective Soul Level One course (if you haven’t yet) to get the big picture of GC Tribal including basic technique improvement, history, and the opportunity to dig into your dance dreams. Become the dancer you want to be! Each level of Collective Soul leads you to the corresponding level of Teacher Training. You can read up on Collective Soul here.

Happy certified Italian dancers!

2. Next, in the Teacher Training Level One, you will learn how to teach this dance, including

  • Breaking down and teaching Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® technique
  • Many ideas that make a good teacher
  • How to not only do the correct moves, but to speak them
  • How to raise the energy and excite others with this powerful and evocative dance
  • Dance class organization with our incredible format
  • Business savvy- oh yes, I want you to be successful
  • and much more…

I want you..

  • I want you to work your body.
  • I want you to dance with beauty, health, strength, empowerment.
  • I want you to learn how to be a great teacher and dancer, and share the tribal love and the tribal lifestyle in your community.
  • I want you to be a successful businessperson, to support yourself by building your dream job or creating additional side income doing something you love.
  • I want you to feel your own value, love and beauty, to love your body and be confident… and to make others feel good, no…freakin’ great!

This is about getting started and improving upon what you already know, and how to share the dance with others.…

To begin with maybe just a class or two or three a week, to get your tribal groove on and to share the tribal juiciness…then you can add more levels of study and grow your dance business and opportunities.

And no worries, this is not to put it all on stage and plan performances and all that goes on with that, not yet. Gigs may come later if you desire.


If not with Paulette Online, then wow… my dancing friends, we have super fabulous Master Teachers

waiting for you to join them – Deirdre, Cinzia, Nina, Amanda, Christine, Misha, Angie, Allie

You can join them in their communities of Scotland, Australia, USA, Italy, New Zealand, and other parts of the globe!

or you can be a sponsor and bring these GCTB Master Teachers to you and your tribe!

Either way, you gather with like minded amazing dancers who want to undertake this tribal journey, this path of magic and sweat, of technique and artistry, of passion.

You will  join with amazing dancers who want to get the tribal love on, to get the business ideas, the marketing strategies, the dance skills and the format that brings it all together.

You dance with amazing dancers who want to be a part of this great thing we call Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® directly from me, the founder, Paulette Rees-Denis.

2. Next, Step it up and get registered with  Teacher Training Level One,  so you can learn how to teach this dance and get your classes started.

In our Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® format, our Online Teacher Training Level One course,  you drill, practice, speak, journal, meditate, as you study course with Paulette.

Teacher Training Level One gets you started on your path — and what a hard, yet easy, labor of love, with your passion blooming, your dream evolving — and what a path it is!

For four weeks, I will email you your Gypsy Caravan Teacher Training Manual, then through email and drop box–pdfs to read, steps to review, meditations to do, books and articles to read, music to listen to, rhythms to review, zil patterns to play. You practice at home, weekly, in your own time. We have a private Facebook page where you can check in with the others, ask questions, find an accountability partner. At the end of those weeks, you gather in person with your Master Teacher or me, for the final day of drilling, review, and testing, and you are on your way!

Would you like to bring us to your town for workshops and intensives...send us an email for info and let’s do this!

30 years of developing, training, teaching, and studying all things Tribal

…you will have additional resources such as music, DVDs, online classes, trance, dance, journaling, workshops, private coaching, and so much more to guide you on your Tribal journey to happiness, prosperity, and wellness, and dance. Plus you join in with our private online community of certified instructors and dancers to connect with. Plus get listed in our online global directory on my beautiful website! You also receive a logo and signature to use as a certified Caravan Teacher to use on your own website and emails.

The dance, the movement and the soul.

Undertaking GCTB® Intensives means

  • You get to be part of the team
  • You get support and encouragement
  • You get  certified
  • You will become the teacher that you’ve wanted to be
  • You will continue on the path with us, dance your way up the levels and step into the exciting growing repertoire of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®

Take the journey, follow your dreams and your bliss.

How do these courses make you feel?

Rave Reviews from dancers just like you!

Akasha says:

Akasha Mae:  

This course has reinforced/reminded me again how much I love the dance, all the fun and beautiful new steps, and that I get to teach them. Also, adding more connections in my brain to the steps that have similar styles and feelings to be used together more often, too – not changed, but added to that idea and framework.

         I do feel like you help me to focus and plan and spell out my plans and ideas for dance, and that is always useful. And the meditation and mindfulness practices that you share, help me focus, remain calm, and remain connected to source and sane, in dance and life

Terri Bdancer:

” It was so worth it! Paulette Rees-Denis you provided so much information and truly helped equip me to teach. A friend of mine also teaches bellydance (another style) and she is so impressed with the thoroughness of my notes and binders from your online course.” I love this! Thanks…

Martha picture multi cultural day“I wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone that welcomed me in their dance lives during my stay in Portland during Teacher Training and Collective Soul. I am still riding such a positive high from the lessons, the dance, meeting everyone, and learning from the wonderful Paulette Rees-Denis. She is a stunning human being, so loving and so worthy of admiration. I hope to stay in touch with everyone and hopefully seeing our paths cross again because we’re part of such a beautiful thing called Tribal Bellydance.”

– Martha Rosas, Kansas/France

Collective Soul and Teacher Training experiences have helped me be a better dancer in every way. They have helped me grow as a person and develop confidence in myself as an artist.**GCDCI Tribal Fest-hilary- 2013 _086

But through the process of becoming a teacher under her mentorship I have learned so much more:

how to be a conduit for students’ own evolution, how to read people and see their strengths, how to explain things differently to different people, how to be an ethical leader, and how to trust my intuition.

Through these experiences I have discovered my passion for teaching and have now been able to successfully develop and lead my own classes and troupe.

Thank you Paulette, for all your wisdom, and for creating this beautiful style of dance!

Hilary Giovale, Arizona

“With a bit of friendly persuasion by my dance teacher, Becky, I enrolled, along with some of my fellow tribal sisters, for Gypsy Caravan Dance Company’s Collective Soul 1 two day workshop with Paulette Rees-Denis.

This was an absolutely fabulous experience within my journey with dance. Very worthwhile ‘biting the bullet’ so to speak and taking part in this artistic, innovative training with Paulette Rees-Denis of Gypsy Caravan Dance Company.

monique, p, toni-CS1For me Collective Soul 1 was very much a personal discovery of the dancer within.  Paulette who is truly a master of her craft, a very down to earth lovely lady and an wonderful teacher. She encourages you 100% to be the best dancer you can be.

This has given my confidence as a dancer quite a boost. The journey has been a challenge, sometimes very challenging, as I have moved through the beginner moves to the intermediate. 

On a final note I must say that the highlight of my journey to date is gaining accreditation in Gypsy Caravan Collective Soul 1 with Paulette Rees-Denis. She is an absolute inspiration.

-Toni Grainger, Albany,WA

Thank you, Paulette, for a memorable two days of Collective Soul One. It took me three days to descend from my Tribal CS high, and in the process I experienced a wide range of emotions and new awareness of body and mind. To say that my “gift box” has expanded to overflowing is an understatement. These new gifts include a much deeper connection with the music, a deepersecuredownload copy connection to my whole body in movement, as well as a deep connection to the courageous feminine spirit – watching the women that I danced with bare their souls to receive your and Amanda’s teachings. One of the biggest gifts was to able study with you in person, to feel your encouragement and support. I am regretful that I didn’t make plans to continue on with the teachers training, but am hopeful that there will be enough interest for you to add another CS1 & TT1 session sometime in the coming months. I have already decided that I will retake the CS to reconnect, and then continue into the TT1 and CS2 intensives when it’s available.

This Tribal journey is fascinating, joyful, and soul expanding, and I am so very grateful to you for your life’s work in creating this beautiful and powerful dance and paving the way for all of us.

– Wanda Walker, Washington

“I enjoyed the Collective Soul Training throughout the experience, but now that it is done I look back and realize I enjoyed it more than I knew. I say that because I was so in the moment during classes and testing that only now settled at home can I really look back at all I was given and how excellent the experience was.

I got more than I had hoped for. The experience dispelled my concerns about certification programs and allowed me to test 1044255_270533483088968_549707648_nmyself and immerse more into the Tribal Culture.

It will allow me to have more confidence in my movement. It gave me a better understanding of our music and zilling. It allowed me to broaden my relationships with other dancers and finally gave me and my troupe a common experience to build on.

 I have never been instructed by such a warm, charismatic woman as Paulette. She draws out feelings and movement that you did not know you had inside. She is tough and gives nothing away but this only makes you more aware of what you have earned. I am a teacher by trade both in education and dance and I have taught all ages so it is with confidence that I recommend Paulette as an instructor and creator of a fabulous system of movement and education. She knows her stuff!

Thank you again for your knowledge and the care that you gave us. This was so needed in my life right now and in my dance. 

– Amy Tucker,, Alaska

Quite simply, Collective Soul was a life-changing experience. Spending so much time with Paulette and like-minded dancing sisters … so many beautiful, creative hearts! Dancing, playing, talking tribal, chilling, sharing meals and laughter and sunshine. I learned so much about the dance, about life and about myself!

526027_10151193067774571_2106365960_nTechnique was covered thoroughly, which was exactly what I needed, but Collective Soul reached far beyond that. It reached into the music to which we dance; into those rhythms which move our souls and our hips and into how we can honour and respect them in our dancing and playing. And it reached into the very heart of tribal; into what it is that brings us together as one Collective Soul.

Collective Soul has made me so much more aware of my technique, in particular my posture. It has helped to build my confidence in dancing and in sharing that dance. But more than that it has helped me to become more aware of myself as a dancer, of why I dance and of how this beautiful dance speaks to me. It has been a most significant step on my dance journey … towards becoming the very best dancer I can be.

Paulette is an inspirational teacher, mentor and friend.  Her wealth of knowledge, experience and passion are shared so freely and with such love that she cannot help but fire up the same passion in her students – a burning desire to honour her teaching and dance. Yes, she challenges, but also supports and encourages all those who learn from her to be the very best that they can be. I am honoured to have her as part of my dance journey = long may it continue!”

– Cayte Lawton, England

“Thanks for your words, sharing, encouragement and direction. I carry them with me. What you do provides so much to so many people, and in so many different ways. I’ve seen it. I’ve listened to it. And, I’ve experienced it!

You said something on the lines of, ‘the learning from our time during Collective Soul will continue well after you leave this studio.’ You were right, Paulette. And, what’s surprising me the most is that the learning isn’t just or necessarily happening in the dance. All I can say at this time is, ‘Thank you!’

– Tymmera, Oregon


Read more about  Collective Soul, or Teacher Training on my website!