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Interview with Cinzia and Francesca

Cinzia and Francesca from Les Soeurs Tribales, Collective Soul Level 2 grads-Italy 2008
These woman just completed their certification.

Interview with Les Soeurs Tribales, Milan, Italy 11/08

As I spent the week with my dancing sisters, Cinzia and Francesca, in Milan, working on their Collective Soul Level Two certification, rehearsing for the big show on Saturday night as part of their festival, and eating and drinking wine together, I wanted to share with you an informal interview/discussion with them about their dance.

In defining their style, they both say they have studied several styles of tribal belly dance, as well as cabaret, modern, ballet, and other forms of working out, but have really wanted to stick with classic tribal (or old-school!) the Gypsy Caravan way to learn the roots.

Paulette: You have just complete Collective Soul Level Two and have said you want to do train in all six levels of Collective Soul. Why study with me?

Francesca: Your personality as a teacher is appealing.

Cinzia: We wanted you as our teacher because you are so passionate about your dance and are concerned for your students.

Paulette: Thank you so much for those kind words. What is it about tribal that draws you to it?

Francesca: Tribal is not tied to choreography.

Cinzia: So it gives you freedom!

Francesca: There is no competition in the group; you are all working for the same goal.

Cinzia: Everyone has a responsibility as we move the ego aside, even though it is harder to dance within a group. We are friends in life, so dancing together shows our love. We have more freedom in our choices of music, and the movements influenced by different dances. Tribal is a way of thinking, of being.

I asked them about their future dance dreams?

They both say they want to build their performance troupe, and to have a fixed style, a signature style, as they are interested in experimentation with adding more contemporary dance into their tribal with improvisation and some choreography.

The dancers of Les Soeurs Tribales (which means the tribal sisters in French) work so hard, running their dance school with their other partner, Grazia, teaching several classes a week, rehearsing, and they continue their own dance studies.

For the festival we three performed as the first performance of the Caravan Soul Collective International! It was very exciting for me, and energizing for all of us, plus we got about twelve of their students to back us up as our chorus and it was high energy!

More about that to come! I do hope one day you will get to see them perform too! It may be this next year too… (wink wink…)