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Loving my Friday, and Tribal goodness for you!

Friday, What I’m Loving…

Today’s links are all about movement, dance, and desires!

Hello my friends!

I have a series of workshops that I teach when I travel around the world, some good basic Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™ old-school traditional steps, as well as the levels and layers, the funky bits, the props, the combos, and all that make up the format, the style, and the fun!

And then there are the festivals and workshops that I develop a Special class for! Oh yes, so for our adventure back to Tribal Fest 15 this year, –Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International is so excited to be attending, teaching, and performing, with the Caravan Project band!

Tribal Fest 15 – A Tribal Family Reunion

gc-tribal fest5 -QDHere is a photo of GCDC at Tribal Fest 5! We’ve gone almost every year! (that is me with Michele and Cammi)

My first workshops  on Thursday is called, “Who’s Leading?”!

Our style is so fun because it really involves everyone in the dancers’s circle, and all directions too! So this workshop includes exciting variations for changing leaders in the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance™ magical way and becomes a real tribal conversation between all the dancers. Best for intermediate intermediate + level dancers, but all levels are welcome!

So I hope you will join us for this super awesome workshop!

Thursday…2:30pm-4:30pm –

Get registered now! right here! 

And my second workshop on Friday is named, “Feel the Earth Move!”

Oh I just love this one too…this workshop is all about our Earthy Tribal walks and rotating variations…doesn’t that sound so fun… and what great moves to incorporate into your dance style… Feel the power and magic of these Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™ step, using circles, rotations, and line formations with a folkloric feel All levels welcome…

Friday from 10 am- noon!

You can register right here…

This is going to be sooooo fun. Not sure when our performance will be but the band will be with us too… oh my, can’t wait…You?

and check out all the other great stuff happening there for the week…

And  the Tribal Fest website is now open!

if you want to see our performance at TF from 2010, go here

**The World Needs You…Jack Canfield

The lessons you can synthesize from your many experiences are invaluable. By being willing to share what you have learned, whether through informal chats or more formal encounters, such as seminars, you’ll contribute greatly to the success of the people you touch and the world as a whole.

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**Tribes, by Seth

**need some happiness...visit my friend Gina’s yearlong free ecourse…

**junk parlor!

*Adelaide Fan Veil–gorgeous!

**Shakira and Africa

*freaking so beautiful and overwhelmingly amazing…do what you love…

**And don’t forget to register for Collective Soul Online, starting December 1st!

***and I’ll leave you with this!

now for a little frolick at the beach!

Thank you for being here… now get up and have a dance!



Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Belly Dance, by me!


is on  SPECIAL SALE this weekend! Friday am through Sun PM

40% off the retail price of $25.00

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wow…stock up for pressies!

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Tribal Vision:

Through the eyes, hips, and stories of Paulette Rees-Denis, an internationally known dancer, teacher, and producer, Tribal Vision shows us how women have learned to celebrate life and community in the fast-growing and immensely popular world of Tribal Bellydance. There are few books about dance on the market, and none that takes us into the fascinating world of Tribal Bellydance with one of the primary innovators of the rapidly growing style.

Tribal Vision not only tells Paulette’s stories, but also delves into the many reasons why women choose to dance this particular style. Tribal Vision explores the trancey and mesmerizing dance; the ethnic-to-groovy costuming and other opportunities that have given many women a chance to start their own business; the addictive spiritual, healing, and ritual aspects; but most importantly, the community experience of American Bellydance. Through Paulette’s artistic vision and moving experiences, we see how tribal bellydance is a celebration of womanhood—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She has brought women together from around the world to dance and network with each other using the foundation of this ancient dance made contemporary.

lots of colorful photos, here…

read more here,  

thanks and enjoy!