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Taking Tribal Global–Friday What I’m Loving…

Friday What I’m Loving…

Here I am, supposed to be finishing up packing yet another dance weekend…this is our 21st yearly women’s Tribal Bellydance reteat that we drive into the mountains for! But I needed to put some words down on the page before I can get my day kickstarted. And instead of packing last night, I had a night of guitar pickin’ with my local musos in another circle of friends that has been created because of the love of country/folk music


Every interest, job, hobby, what you like, can have its own community, and we all do need that connection. Like the magical one we have with the dance. What are some of your community happenings that make you feel so good?

So in a while I will be driving off into the mountains with my co-teachers Lynea, Carol, and Cammi, to spend the weekend in that powerful and creative circle of dancers, some new to the weekend, and some many years returning to the time and place, because of the joy, connection, time for oneself, healing, and laughing, kind of dance retreat that I love to lead. Right on…

Sooo, I’ve been trying to implement some changes in my life, my routines, my scheduling. and I’ve been having a rough time sticking to my ideas! Or keeping habits. Know what I mean? When I am on the road so much it makes it quadruplely (there’s word!) for me to stay focused on my other projects and desires, whether they be personal or business.

And I’m the queen of change, but it gets easy to self-sabotage oneself…and with so many distractions.

I just read this simple little ditty on zenhabits.

(here’s one thing I’m loving)

The Habit Action List…

Have a quick read…

And yes I know all of these things… but … doesn’t it sound so freakin true? Ah, i’ll wait just a little while longer, or I’ll start tomorrow…or or or…

My head spins with how often I say that…even though it is what I WANT!

What is this self-sabotage, this self-uncaring stuff? Sometimes I can be soooo good at it, and it’s what I teach, for pete’s sake (pete?) but other time’s…. well…

I am now claiming the next month to be me time… time off of work, because I’ve been working almost everyday since Christmas ( about twenty years ago!), on the intensive road, figuratively and literally, conjuring up fabulous programs that make me swoon with excitement, meeting dancers around the world that make me cry with gratitude, and so much more…. but… then there is me…sanity, health, inspiration, creativity, rest, play, planning with freshness, and then not planning anything…just a little down time, no make that a lot of down time! My spirit guides are making that request loud and clear. And I bet you could use some too…

I don’t want to lose you, out there in my blogosphere, but I just need this–time for my journal, my personal workout, my own Tribal Quest ( my online course just finished up its sixth week, so proud!), my own play. So, you’ve heard me, you are my accountability partners! Let’s hear how you do these things too…


I love sharing all my fab internet finds with you…I dont’ want to have a self-improvement blog, I want to have a self-empowered blog–living right now and  right here…for you… Enjoy this week’s treats…

**Extraordinary Impact, by Scott Dinsmore

We Rarely Give Ourselves Enough Credit

…But normal people do the extraordinary all the time….

***just a click a day helps!  The Animal Rescue Site

**Ever been to Morocco? here are some gorgeous photos by James Clear

**have your read The War of Art yet? here’s a good view of it…

Ok now, there are some words and pictures and ideas to get your weekend started… And now, I’ll go finish packing for that dance-filled glorious weekend with womenkind and trees and hot springs… the best to you, and thanks for being here….and remember to comment below on the blog!



hey local Portland peeps…got some time Tuesday mornings? Join me….

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