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Friday, Desire, Dance, and Sisterhood!

Friday, Desire, Dance, and Sisterhood!

hello Friday Friends….

Got a full up list today… woo hoo…first, let me say that I love sharing all this goodness with you, and so thrilled that you love it too! There are so many brilliant peeps out there who are sharing knowledge, enthusiasm, skills, love, ideas, support, etc, and I get so excited when I think someone has something that you, my friends, dancers, students, will appreciate and find useful in your own brilliant life! They do call me the Tribal Hostess, you know! Bringing great folks together, like our Tribal dance…to share the passion and the love…

paulette screen shot

That is one reason I created


my six week online class starting again, for the last go-round, next week. I thought that these women that I included—Cinzia, Tami, Karen, Sarah, and Cristi—had so much to offer, important and inspired tools and ideas for you to help with your body, mind, and spirit! Nutrition ideas, full body workouts, mediation and yoga practices, (how many of you meditate?) tribal bellydance technique and drilling and ziling, journaling and reading a great book on feminine creativity, plus more! These gals just rock my world and I love how the e-course came together with all of their goodness for you! I do hope you check it out and register to join us…if this appeals to you (how could it not?!), you can read more here!

And just be aware, I’ve got new goods for you starting in 2015… because I am now combining Dance and Desire! into some amazing weekend workshops. As I am now a licensed facilitator for our amazing Miss Danielle LaPorte, using her outstanding The Desire Map book and techniques to find the most blissful and passionate you, finding our dreams and desires and using movement and our inspired dance to bring all of our juiciness together! Wowza… I’m excited! You?

desire map licensee logo

You want it, just ask… I’m yours! Let’s get it on!

Now for the Friday links…Enjoy…

**I wanted to share this beautiful poem with you…by Tamarack…

-it speaks to my heart and soul, and how I feel about the dance, and the people I dance with and for!

I am so grateful for all of you…

at World Pulse Magazine… based right here in Portland-who knew?

wow, please go check this out!

Women Weave the Web–Join in supporting women who are using the Internet to transform the world.

A Love Poem To You


Far away, deep in my heart

I call out your names in joy

I carry your stories and how we have met

This is a new ecstasy.

Now that this ancient dream is coming true

This dream that we carried

Before we were born –

We are finally,

Finally meeting each other

In this lifetime.

Now I have met you

Where you are

Who you are

I have read what you have to say

I have read from you what we can do

Across barriers of time and distance

In which we have always known

That each other was there

And now stories and photos

Of your beautiful faces

And the faces of all those girls and women

That you are gathering in your loving arms

Your voices carry across the oceans

I call out your names

I hear you singing and dancing together

“Until every woman is heard, Until every woman is heard”*

And we sing back and drum and dance from here

The same ancient dance

We are here to do this

And in this life time

We are finally,


Meeting each other.

With Love in Sisterhood,


**more info on good makeup…thanks Jade!

**Did you know that bellydance is good for you! ha!

**uh huh, peeps. this does describe me a bit too! how about you? thanks Kate Northrup

**a little mercury retrograde for you!

by Vanessa, whose art happens to be fabulous!

**Greatful Woman Talks audio…

**speaking of Desire…thanks again Seth

The Hay House World Summit gives you powerful lessons focused on the newest in health, wellness, spirituality, and relationships…

*check out the Tribal Rocks Tshirts...you wanted more and I just got them in this week! so fantastic…

Tribal Rocks T in Red

**and lastly, Austin Kleon’s thoughts on reading!


Have a blessed and brilliant weekend…I hope you enjoy these!

Thanks for being here…


and get yourself registered for The Tribal Quest Experience!