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Blog…Friday Rockin my world! How about yours?

Friday What is Rockin my world! How about yours?


Being Alive…

Our USA Thanksgiving day yesterday, a day of gratefulness and gatherings, is a day of reflection for many, a day off for others, family drama for some, lots of love circling around, overabundance and over indulgence too. Although this year I did not make it a big deal, I still enjoy the day for taking the time to appreciate what and who I have in my life, thinking those questions of how, why, what, where, what for, looking back and gazing forward, with thanks and desire. Todays snippets are full of wonder and intensity, questioning and joy. So let me know if  the comments if you find any of these of use to you, I love to share!


“Are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?” Mary Oliver

+I am so in love with Amy Palko, and her new book is beyond….OMG… and so gorgeous… you best check it out here…

+a film to watch!

+scary shit…thanks food babe…

+“Letters to a Young Artist”, by Anna Deavere Smith.

“Presence is not the same as attracting attention. It’s not a gimmick, it’s not a brand. I said previously that presence was about “grabbing the light.” No. It’s about finding the light and being a part of it. These days, I believe the light might just be in the audience, with the public, in the world, among the possibilities of “us” as human beings rather than in the language of “self.”

+And Presence…Check out this video on YouTube from Lululemon….


+the Middle Finger Project


+What are you truly hungry for?

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And to end with!

+And how can this not make you squeal with delight??!!

Christopher Walken dances….

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