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Friday Bling for you…

Friday Bling for you…

Just roaring into almost summer… I’ve got some fun bling for you today…with so much that has happened over the past month, things are starting to quiet down a bit now… and I had my first glamping weekend of the year in Loretta the trailer last weekend!




It was so fun and for the first time in eons I was completely unplugged for four days… .yowza! Relaxation–hellooooo! Music jams and potlucks and lounging with my mystery book… now we are talking!

And of course, home and back to my world of Dance and Desire building, Gypsy Caravan Teacher Training in session online, Collective Soul Online, Level One registration opening, and life is grand…

and for you my pretties… some really enticing bling…


if this is not the most beautiful dance experience! wowowow…

and check out this arm coordination–so beautiful and strange!

another style of dance

Six lessons….

Lesson (5): Comfort and technology do not necessarily equate to happiness. Happiness is more consistently found in meeting daily challenges and maintaining close contact with those who you love. Your tribe.

habits? brian johnson…

dog tricks!

some fire for you…from my darling lemon thyme!

the art of life


Some of you may remember I had an article in the first issue of Raspberry Magazine!

I LOVE this! Raspberry Magazine is devoted to curating insightful articles, amazing interviews and helpful resources for lady online entrepreneurs, freelancers, bloggers, digital nomads, and those aspiring to be!

The third issue is out NOW with my fav Alexandra Franzen on the cover! woo hoo… order your subscription here…



Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®  —  Collective Soul Certification!


Level One is opening for registration NOW and starts August 2nd… Join us and read more here…

Many thanks for being part of the tribe, for sharing the love, and for supporting women around the globe!

I adore you to pieces!

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Becoming a Gypsy Caravan Affiliate is easy!

If this sounds intriguing to you, please click here to see how to sign up and get with the program. Sara will be thrilled to send you more info to help you along with this, as it is happening NOW!

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