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Paulette Rees-Denis and Friday Bling!

Friday Bling —fab four at tribal fest

Lots of bling today… so you have the whole weekend to enjoy!

Hello my spring chickens (at least here in the Pac NW!)

Spring is here and one of my fav times to be home in the garden. For so many years I have been on the road in the spring, and this year I choose to start my touring dates in May so I could stay home for the winter and early spring! It is my juicy incubation time, my creation time, my alone time, even hibernation time.

But spring hits and I am ready to groove! In the garden I am totally changing up our double lot as we prep to build our little house (ADU) in the back lot. Yes downsizing is happening all around me! And it feels good to get down and dirty. In the garden, but also in my head, in that creative mode, listening to my internal world as well as the outside goings on. And I’m a total junkie for fresh cut flowers all around my home and especially by my desk. Makes me sooooo happy.

GCDC at Tribal Fest 2013This was  Gypsy Caravan at Tribal Fest 13!

Plus in the creative mode, I am gearing up for the dance touring that is starting for me, the first one being Tribal Fest in Sepastopol California... all my Gypsy Caravan dancers from around the globe (The US, Scotland, Italy, New Zealand, and Australia!) are converging at the festival for a big performance with the Caravan Project band and their NEW CDthe Walk To Nowhere… which will be released at the festival! Working on new costumes and the set! Woo hoo… I am super jazzed and it sounds sooooo good, just sayin’!

Plus besides dancing with my GC sisters, and teaching two incredibly fun workshops (hope you sign up, info below!) I have the incredible opportunity to perform with Carolena Nericcio (my former dance teacher), Jill Parker (my former troupe mate, both form over 25 years ago!) and Kajira Djouhmana (friend and director of the festival). One big performance, one time on stage together! I am over the moon excited and just a wee bit nervous ( ahem!) All performances on Saturday evening of the fest… I hope you will  be there!

Then I’m off to France for Tribal Umrah, Mexico for a week long with Walky Ardaat, Florida with Sherry Coffey,then Italy for the Tribal Quest Festival in Genoa with Cinzia DiCioccio! And of course some vintage trailer glamping in between…So happy that I can do what I love and share it with all of you… Thanks so much for sharing the journey with me.


and now for your pleasure my friends! the bling coming at you… take a seat!

dancing at a young age!

Heartbeat of the Mother…drumming

Caravan Project Australia dancing!

superfood! Thanks Joe!

10 Simple Steps to a Happier You–How to bring a little bliss in your life using the acronym GREAT DREAM

Vanessa King

There’s no shame in going back to basics. yay Jenna!


Bari Tessler and money!

One of our local Gypsy Heart dancers! –honoring mother and babe with the dance!

I do this at the gym every day! Don’t you?

Rockstardom! Sally hope…

and what are you going to do today?

and just mesmerizing!

Any of that blow your mind? So much fun stuff…Tell me what moved you…I so enjoy knowing what touches your heart and soul! Thanks for sharing…

and have a splendiferous weekend…

paulette signature




***May 13-17, 2015

Tribal Fest 15 in Sepastopol, CA, A Tribal Family Reunion

with Paulette, the Gypsy Caravan Dance Company,

the Caravan Project band

in workshop and performance! 

I hope you will join us for these  super awesome workshops!

My first workshop on Thursday is called, “Who’s Leading?”!

Our style is so fun because it really involves everyone in the dancers’s circle, and all directions too! So this workshop includes exciting variations for changing leaders in the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance™ magical way and becomes a real tribal conversation between all the dancers. Best for intermediate intermediate + level dancers, but all levels are welcome!

Thursday…2:30pm-4:30pm –

Get registered now! right here! 

And my second workshop on Friday is named, “Feel the Earth Move!”

Oh I just love this one too…this workshop is all about our Earthy Tribal walks and rotating variations…doesn’t that sound so fun… and what great moves to incorporate into your dance style… Feel the power and magic of these Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™ step, using circles, rotations, and line formations with a folkloric feel All levels welcome…

Friday from 10 am- noon!

You can register right here…

oh, and don’t wait, these are SMALL classes! I believe in dancing with you when I teach! Yay!

See you there!