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Rockin’ Friday, Glamour Bombs, and wow!

Hello and good friday to you…


It has been a week full of dance and performances and new stuff! More of which I plan on writing and sharing soon..so much to process. But…

I’m on my way to another adventure…dance workshops, performances at ren faires, and hanging with my family in Ohio… (join me!–Columbus.., Toledo., plus a honky tonkin visit to Nashville! One place I’ve never been and can’t wait.

Sooooo, this is what I want you to do this weekend! Tickle someone’s fancy! Make someone smile…what could be better….. you go….


Glamourbombing involves acts of random beauty, magic or wonder whose purpose is to raise ambient levels of glamour in the area; glamour being the unique magic of the fae. A glamourbomb is any public act or work that aims to inspire genuine curiosity and childlike befuddlement, a change of thought process, belief in magic, belief in the fae, and/or a sense of wonder in the recipient. Glamourbombing can involve anything you like and doesn’t need expensive materials – leaving decorated notes amongst supermarket items or between the pages of library books, dressing in wings and the most bizarre outfit you can conjure up, or simple the message “believe in faeries” can all be glamourbombs. In fact, any attempt to add magic, curiosity and wonder to a place is a glamourbomb……

Places to leave Glamour Bombs: Libraries, schools, parks, cafes, super markets, telephone poles, shelves in stores, bus stops, train stations, playgrounds, street trees, street signs, bus and train seats, back alleys, on top of walls, sugar bowls at cafes, inside library books.

Ideas for you to make and gift…

  1. Pressed flowers
  2. a heart rock
  3. Tickets for a show
  4. Painted stones
  5. a starbucks gift card
  6. Small bags of winter seeds with instructions for planting
  7. Magic potions and teas
  8. Books you want to pass on
  9. Love notes
  10. Message written on a stone
  11. You can probably think of a million things you can leave to make someone else’s day…what fun!
  12. Do it, and tell us what you did! 🙂

**a must have book:  A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity

get it and read it…wow….

**peeps. you can’t miss this…Emerging Women

**my new hero Lena  Dunham

**have a listen to Supaman! loving this…

**thanks begoodorganics

**crosstraining–not what you think…thanks Sarah Selecky

**always love this man’s work!

In a world where information overload is ever-present, GTD applies order to the chaos.

“Remember, the greatest art, inventions, love stories, movements and transformations in the world have come because someone went against the grain and created their own path in history.”

~ Erika Watson

** and a poem

Ponder, wonder, glamour bomb, write, share, acknowledge and enjoy this amazing weekend… see you soon, and so many thanks to have you on my journey!