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Ready for 2015? I’m gearing up, and it is Rockin’ Friday!

Ready for 2015?

To truly be a dancer, means you can do this—switch between dance styles, because you not only know technique, but more importantly, how your body moves! This is what I stress the most, to learn your body. Because then you can truly dance, no matter the technique, the style, the person you are dancing with… and therein lies the beauty of the dance!


I am so loving my new Collective Soul Online course — and this  quote above is part of what we talked about, how to be the best dancer you can be and how to know your body! The first round of the certification intensive is almost finished after this week, with four weeks of enthusiasm and highly motivated and profoundly determined dancers, taking their Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™ to the max. I am proud and honored, and so delighted that the online course has proved to be a success!

Nothing beats studying in person, for sure, and my Master Teachers  have the Collective Soul Intensives geared up and ready for you around the globe, see dates and locals below… but if you can’t travel and go in person, then my virtual course will be running again in a few months, with Teacher Training Level One and CS2 not far behind! Wow…

And now for you my pretties… some links and good stuff for your weekend… Enjoy… and let me know what you love about any of it! Please leave some comments below….

Another Seth-ism…If you hesitate to map out your future, to make a big plan or to set a goal, you’ve just gone ahead and mapped your future anyway.

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ok, many thanks to you for your own journey, your sharing, and your being here…

 have an amazing holiday, however you celebrate! be safe and warm and full of love…


  • Collective Soul certified

  • More Collective Soul Intensive Dates around the globe for 2015 with

    Paulette and the Gypsy Caravan Master Teachers–

    Mark you calendar!

    Columbus, Ohio with Paulette–March 27-30, 2015- Collective Soul level 1 and Level 2

    Glasgow, Scotland with Deirdre Macdonald– March 19th – 22nd—Collective Soul level 1 and Level 2 

    Milan, Italy with Cinzia DiCioccio–April 11-12 –Collective Soul Level 1, April 18-19 CS Level 2

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin with Amanda Richardson–April 24th — 27th — Collective Soul level 1 and Level 2

    Perth, Australia with Nina Martinez June 2rd –6th— Collective Soul level 1 and Level 2 

    Portland, OR with Paulette March 6-15— Collective Soul Levels 3-5 and Teacher Training Levels 2 and 3

    Innisfail, Australia with Nina Martinez — September 2nd –6th— Collective Soul level 1 and Level 2

    Melbourne, Florida with Amanda Richardson– Fall 2015, TBA

    Teacher Training Level One Online January and June 2015 with Paulette

    email dance@gypsycaravan.us