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Deirdre’s Taking Tribal Global – Viva La Danse!

Deirdre performing at BellyFusions, Jan 2015Deirdre’s Taking Tribal Global –Viva La Danse!








Bonjour! Hello! I am back in Scotland following a great trip to Paris at the BellyFusions Festival , and loved being there and teaching Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® workshops.

This was the first time Gypsy Caravan had been invited and it was a great experience to meet so many dancers and pass on, what was to many, a new style of tribal bellydance—working moves and combinations on the left and the right side, learning new ways to move, define moves, and improvise these in different formations in the moment. There was a lovely, friendly, and fun energy in the room, and at the Festival generally. It highlighted, in real time, how a love of dance, teaching dance movement, and connection doesn’t need a common verbal language. My rusty school French and the students’ great English overcame any additional needs on a practical level!

Iconic Eiffel Tower
Workshop Participants
Participants getting their Tribal on !

I also had the pleasure and the challenge of performing at the sold-out show. It was a professional affair in a small theater full of an appreciative audience. There was a great variety of belly and dance fusion performers who were all fun to be back-stage with. They were from across the world—Chile, US, Spain, Italy, and, of course, France and UK (moi!) were represented, too. Our GC tribal style rocks group dancing, but when my sister, fellow GC Master Teacher, Cinzia from Italy, had been unable to attend with me, the show had to go on with resilience, confidence, and a french-language boosting opportunity.  I enjoyed performing a set that showcased both yummy slow moves as well as some earthy goodness to a receptive audience!

Gypsy Caravan will be visiting France again in July as Paulette teaches at Tribal Umrah in Lyon and hopefully there’ll be some familiar faces from Paris.  Il sera bon de vous y voir! (It will be good to see you there!)

Having the common language, passion, and interest in learning, camaraderie and great music is universal, we know it…but it was SUCH an experience to feel it reinforced beaucoup!

Deirdre in the BellyFusions Show, Jan 2015

What’s your tales of dance adventure, home or abroad for you? Share please, go on!

Thank you, yours in dance

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Thank you to all who took advantage of my Tribal Bliss e-course New Year’s Gift!

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A New Year’s gift from me to you…


The complete week 1 from the online course
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Now that you have all past the starting point of the New Year, how are you feeling? Getting kick started? Feeling inspired? I wanted to give you a New Year’s gift!

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This first week our focus is on BLISS…
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Enjoy your first week, and let us know how it is going for you!

This is for non-dancers and dancers alike. No experience necessary! It is not about technique but finding your inner rhythms and getting your groove on…

The first week is my gift to you, as I said. Have so much fun!

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Feature of the Week

Gypsy Caravan Online Class #6
With paulette and cinzia di cioccio

circular, slower moves plus 2 orbits!