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Time to rock Friday ourselves!

Time to rock it and feel great…

These past few months have been hard on me, physically, emotionally, spiritually, with the traveling and then being home, then traveling, then home,  and again…I have had an amazing time, great travels, workshops, performances, hooking up with incredible folks around the globe, and I am eternally grateful and blessed,

.photo 5Deirdre, Paulette, and Cinzia in Ferrara, Italy


I have had a difficult time staying organized, staying with my disciplines of writing, meditating, gym training, dance, besides love and life! ha… this week I have returned home from an amazing week in Italy, the last small tour of the year…

and I feel it… in my bones and my soul–the need to refocus, on my body and spirit, the need to revitalize and realign what I need, to frame my non-negotiables, which will then help me with the rest of my work. and one of those non-negotiables is my health and fitness, because when I don’t feel good, well hell, nothing goes right for me or my work and passion…

Know what I mean? So I am ready to kick it back up now...and I want you to do it too, with me, for you!

Tone it up, loose it, drink it up, work it hard, play it easy, and feel so freakin awesome in your own skin…love the way you feel and the way you look…take the time, don’t settle, don’t overindulge, work your discipline, get your support group going, find your accountability partners, there is no excuse and NOW is the time… do it with me!

and let me know how it goes….cuz I really want to know…

Whether it be a juice cleanse, a workout reboot, a meditation class,  a new diet to help shed those pounds, a new daily habit…do it with me, don’t hold back…I want you to wear your dance, strut your stuff, write your dreams, sing your heart out, so we can rock this planet around the sun! and pass on the love…

Figure out what you want and need, and lay out a plan, let us know so we can all support each other and watch each other sparkle it up. We are blessed here, on this blog and in our lives, to have so many amazing creative folk, who all need a boost, a hug, a smile, with encouragement and celebration. So….

Here is some friday inspiration for you… and I’m on my way to go glamping at a bluegrass festival all weekend to feed my soul and inspire my finger pickin, laugh with my friends, share with my man, and just lighten up and have fun. You?


Friday What I am Loving… and you will too!

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**PLUS I”m super thrilled to be interviewed next week on Lady Business Radio!!!! wowowo…

check out all the women she has added to her podcasts…what an honor to be included…


ok, share your reboot with me, and I’ll tell you how I’m doing with mine! And I’ll give you my list of non-negotiables next week too!

love you so….



***oh, and

I’m thrilled to have another round of





with myself and the sparkly Lynea Gillen…

I hope you can join us…

four weeks of journaling, dancing, trancing, yoga, and finding bliss in your body, mind, and spirit! How about that to feed your soul and get your body movin’?

read more and register here