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Taking Tribal Global – a chat with Cammi Vance aka Darshan

photo-1As guest editor for this blog—Taking Tribal Global—the bit that brings you lots of cool stuff including stories from Tribal Bellydancers from around the world, I invite you into my Dance Den, my virtual cubbyhole, a beautiful space to think and discuss Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM) goodness.


Helloooo…How are you all? I am  looking forward to some relaxing downtime coming up next week,  having finished my final workshop and performances for  2013 in London.  The year ahead plans to be exciting dance-wise too, so I am already thrilled about that and want to make sure I  have some time to just ‘be’, and  to think forward and creatively about the coming year too—without slacking off the body and brain too much over the Holiday season!

So what’s happening in Deirdre’s Dance Den today? I have been lucky to catch up with some of the awesome teachers who will be teaching at Paulette’s 21st Annual Women’s Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat—Tribal Vision-Tribal Bliss— in Oregon this coming April and wanted to share some of their inspiring words and a little about what you’ll be in store for if you make your way to this fabulous weekend (April 25th-27th, 2014). I wanted to let you in on my chat with Cammi Vance, a long time member and guest dancer with Gypsy Caravan who also has her own yoga/tribal fusion bellydance style and is an all round holistic teacher. I was fortunate to be at one of these retreats when I lived in Oregon a few years ago and it’s a magical place, close to nature that is soul-enriching –  and that’s before you add in the goodness of the classes and workshops of the weekend—for me it has been an experience that lingers on for a long time.


My chat with Cammi:
Tell me about your experiences at Breitenbush Hot Springs? 
I have been to Breitenbush several times, and it is simply, Magical Every Single Time. It is a distillation of the green magic of the NW. You are near/in the Old Forest. You are near/in the Healing Waters. I remember a vision in the meadow pool one clear night where I saw the curves of the goddess body across the river where the stars meet the earth, I felt that was my body. I remember jogging on those trails in a mist, remembering Old Songs. I was there learning belly massage with my class mates many years ago, and again many years later. Drumming in the warm temple at night. Chanting in the steam room. Stars. Trees. Oh, and the salad dressing: yum.
Paulette and I are still fine tuning my exact topics for April, but I am thinking we will probably have one high-energy, technique-driven, drills-combos-exercises class; one character-driven, strength and fluidity based class; and one ritual-style class focused on the movement of energy through the body and beyond.

Cammi,  (1)
That’s a great variety to look forward to. So what’s your style of teaching and what can students expect in your classes?
 Well, since my background, as well as more than 20 years bellydance, includes yoga and corrective exercise, massage and energy work, world dances and trance exploration, I use many different methods in my classes.  I enjoy adjusting my class plan based on the people who show up, their energy and what my intuition suggests they will benefit from. I like to give all levels the opportunity to be challenged, so I will offer options for different levels of dance ability and body integrity, with attention to healthy and graceful form. We will work on torso isolations and layering options, grand traveling moves with sweeping lines, sassy accents, confident and genuine lines and projection. My favorite style to work in is Theatrical World Fusion Bellydance. I try to make sure to keep things moving; your body can lead and your mind can catch up later. We work through transitions and iron out kinks, all the while having fun. 
What’s your  goals for students generally when you teach?
I want the mind to step out of the way so the body can begin to understand how the movements should feel; still I will be clear enough to engage the mind! But if we come at each challenge from a couple of different directions, we will begin to approach the center. As our bodies become stronger, our options for expression expand. I want to help dancers to become more present, and to improve the follow through, fluidity, and completion of their moves. And no matter what the topic, I try to make sure and send you home from each workshop with at least a couple fun usable combos or movements, and perhaps a sense of something new about your own voice as a dancer. And you will feel like you have Danced.
Cammi,  (3)
I know you have a Gypsy Caravan background, how does that contribute to your teaching and dance ?
Haha… I always find it useful! Especially when I am dancing in circles with other souls, my GC training gives me the awareness to fully enjoy their energies flowing around me and to shape my movement to harmonize with others even while I tune my own individual voice! 
I hope you enjoyed the chat! Has anyone got great Breitenbush stories you want to share, or tell us why you’re coming back for more!
and you can register and check out more about the weekend retreat here

21st Annual Tribal Bellydance Women’s Weekend

–at Breitenbush Hot Springs–Apr 25-27, 2014


The 21st year… 

Tribal Vision, Tribal Bliss- a movement journey
at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit Oregon
A women’s weekend of Tribal Bellydance, and so much more
With Paulette Rees-Denis and Carol Vance of Gypsy Caravan Dance Company…                         With Lynea Gillen, and  Darshan! (the Miss Cammi Vance!)

A women’s weekend of Tribal Bellydance, and so much more

This is a weekend for all women, new dancers as well as seasoned dancers!

Join our circle of amazing women, get your Tribal Groove on…

reach down deep and share the stories, the dance, the sisterhood…


Enjoy your day and look forward to hearing from you! I hope you are enjoying reading the bits from my Dance Den! Care to join in? Email me 🙂

AND….Blessings for the Holidays x



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