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The dance continues, globally, and The Caravan Project!

The dance continues, globally, and The Caravan Project!

Overviewing the last few months of dance tours, I have been to so many incredible places and had brilliant tribal journeys with  many women. It is an honor to do the work I do, my life’s calling, my soul purpose…to spread the love through dance, specifically Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (™).

And that love encompasses so much— self love, tribe love, compassionate love, artistic love, community love. It bring magic into every dancer’s life, the magic of creation, the spontaneity of the moment, the soul sharing, the mind emptying, and sometimes the mind boggling when someone is learning so many new dance steps to add to their repertoire of moves!

This late winter, spring, and summer tours I have seen new dancers learn about this GCTB style, as they begin to understand the power, and get into the tribal lifestyle that comes hand to hip when learning how to dance and how to be a dancer. This includes how to share, improvise-which is solving problems in the moment, support, learn to watch, learn to listen, and let go of ego. It brings in the whole body of wellness, including the ideas of eating incredible foods to feel great (and often going vegetarian or vegan), feeding the temple on so many levels, adding journaling to the daily routine, learning how to be still through meditation, and understanding mindfulness through focus! Whew….and all that because of a dance class! That is freakin’ powerful stuff…

This year already I’ve been to New Zealand, Atlanta, Mexico, England, Italy, Seattle, Chicago, and back to Italy again. Great dance festivals, workshops, and my Collective Soul and Teacher Training  Certification Intensives on the road and on my home front too. I love the new connections I’ve made, while continuing to ignite the ones I’ve had. To be able to guide someone on their personal journey is my grand reward, to see the sparkle in their eyes, the sway of their hips, to listen to their words never having been spoken out loud about what the dance does for them. The tears flow with gratitude. The heart cracks open with fullness.

The continuation of my journey is awe-inspiring and my idea is to keep passing on the tradition, the legacy, the ideas, along with the dance. To empower others to live their dreams of dance, of entrepreneurship, of teaching, creating, being beautiful in their skin. And so that they can pass it on. In so many ways…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADeirdre, Cinzia, Paulette

One thing I am really excited about is the Caravan Project! This is something for dancers to begin watching for as it develops! It is already spreading quietly and I will explain soon. While in Italy last week,  at the Tribal Soul Quest Festival in Ferrara (which will now be a yearly event and thanks to Cinzia and Elena!), the Gypsy C dancers Deirdre, Cinzia, and myself performed with some lovely dancers from that area, as well as the Caravan Project Italia, led by Cinzia. Check them out here…


workshop in Ferrara at Tribal Soul Quest!


The Caravan Project Italia!

…but in the meantime, The Caravan Project Band is super inspired and writing music weekly for the dancers! This includes my man Jeff Rees (from Gypsy Caravan) on all those fabulous crazy horns, with Ruben Ramirez and Lyndsey Blythe on kickin’ drums and various percussion. They have performed several times now with Gypsy Caravan Dance Company and other dancers too. We love them!

caravan project band


Jeff, Lyndsey, Ruben

AND they have just finished up three new songs in the recording studio. So brilliant, these three together! And the music is that pure raw tribal sound, nothing techno, nothing fancy, just boomin’ beats and melodies to keep us on our dancing feet. AND next week I will feature a Vlog with the musos so you can meet them and have the chance to buy their new songs so you can dance with them also…

Like their facebook pages, here….and check out their upcoming performances too…

Next year I hope you can meet them at Tribal Fest, among a few other festivals!

So here is to our journeys, the roads we travel, the friends we make, the art we create, to sharing the love!

Thanks for being here…

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