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Meet Cinzia from Gypsy Caravan Dance Company!

Hello friends, on this glorious October day!

I am so happy to introduce you to Cinzia DiCioccio, dancer in Gypsy Caravan, world traveler, Yogi instructor, and has just opened her own movement studio in Milan, Italy — Love, Light, Joy...how awesome is that?


am Tribal Bellydance Artist and Yoga Teacher.

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I joined Gypsy Caravan Dance Company in 2011 after a long preparation with my teacher and friend Paulette Rees-Denis.

Since when I met Paulette in 2005, I was fascinated by her vision of Tribal Bellydance. I loved the idea of being together, sharing the dance with other women, being part of “something” all together.

Soon I decided that Tribal Bellydance was my destiny. I stated to study seriously trough the Gypsy Caravan certification program. Especially during CS 3 and CS4, dancing with dancers that I have never met before,  I understood the power of tribal belly dance, its subtle body language, the secret  deep connection we were able to build. It  was a revelation to me.

foto (2)After many years of practice and after two years in Gypsy Caravan Dance Company I still feel the same happiness each time I dance with my Sisters. Sometimes we meet all together after a long time but one dance is enough to re-create the magic.

Tribal Bellydance is more than a dance, it becomes a philosophy of life. Through my personal experience I can say that this dance offers a broader vision of life to live peacefully and responsibly in everyday relationships.

When we dance everyone always has a dual role: leader and follower. Being a leader means taking responsibility, leading the group in respect of the elements who compose it, trying to create unity, synchronicity, and well-being among each other. Being a follower means having confidence in the leader, not to challenge their decisions,  to let go of ego, and follow with commitment and serenity. When I dance with my Sisters I forget who I am, I am entranced; my being is in full, cheerful, and complete harmony with those whom I am dancing with, in that time and space.


Tribal bellydance to me is very similar to the Yoga philosophy of life: being part of a Whole where each particle and each living creature has its own importance because it contributes to the harmony of the Whole.

Besides being a dancer I am also a dance and yoga instructor; my mission is to teach people to feel good, physically, mentally and spiritually. I think it is very important to offer tools like nutrition advices, breathing and relaxation techniques, exercise routines, affirmations and positive thinking to keep the whole human being with a good vital energy.

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Working with Paulette gave me the opportunity to grow as a person and as a teacher and I feel grateful to be part of this project and contribute to it.


Thank you Cinzia, for your dance and your words and your beautiful Tribal spirit, full of life and love!

You can check her out here .




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