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Happy Earth Day from the Cultivator General Store

Hello lovely friends of Cultivator General Store, and happy earth day to you all…

I meant to write this yesterday to you all, but we were slammed busy at the shop, unloading about 50 boxes of beautiful fresh produce—artichokes, strawberries, portobella mushrooms, and much more—
and we will soon be carrying more of our local produce from our hardworking farmers right here in Clatskanie. Yea!
We also got in boxes of beautiful cheeses— I was so hungry unpacking fresh mozzarella balls, more haloumi, cheddar chipotle, the shelves are jammed tight with cheesey goodness! Plus more crackers, chips, pastas, chocolates, gluten-free breads, not to mention new varieties of wine and beer. (are you hungry yet? think Humboldt Fog cheese paired with a dab of quince paste and a glass of your favorite) Jeff and I can’t wait to share them all with you.
Our baked goods and lunches went over so well this week, and miss Heidi has more yummy sweet treats in store for you today too.
Dont’ forget our wine tasting tonight (and every Friday) from 5-7 pm. In honor of Earth Day, we will be sampling some delectable organic and biodynamic wines from Italy, France, and California. $5.00 for 5 tastes. Have a fabulous nibble of olives and almonds and goodies while you are enjoying the wine too.
We are getting more choices every week, and I am finding some wines with no sulfites too.

So in honor of earth day, please bring your reusable grocery bag when you come shopping. We even got some wonderfully colorful grocery bags yesterday for you to purchase if you don’t have one.
And to learn more about what you can do for our great planet earth, check out these pages if you have a minute:

Jeff and I, and our fabulous staff, Heidi, Laurita, Brett, and Jani, thank you all again for your excitement and support of the Cultivator. We want you to eat well, be happy, and keep our community thriving!
See you there…

**Coffee tasting Saturday, May 1st, 11 am, with Marcus from Batdorf and Bronson coffee roasters,
(and Jeff will be playing music later that day at Kennedy School in Portland with the Ripe Fig Rhythms and Gypsy Caravan Dance Company at 5:30–an action packed day!)
**Special wine tasting with Scott and Marty Denis, from Uncorked NW, first Thursday, May 6th, 5-7 pm, tasting wines of France!

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