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Friday What I’m Loving…

Three days in

and kicking off the new year, with thoughts about life and death, and how things change, and what feels good,  and what one truly feels if  we slow down, what is desire, what are your intentions for each day, how life can pass us by if we don’t stop to check it out. Jeff’s mom is slowly passing from this world to her next, meanwhile we continue on. You can take time for moments with loved ones, while taking moments for oneself. If we forget ourselves, we can’t pass on the power and the glory of life. To see your world and to be in your world, that is all we can do. With respect and honor for all. and love…

What do you do everyday to see your world?

Getting into myself for a few days, and taking some serious quiet time, I’m starting off with a juice cleanse, I feel like I need to lighten my body, to cleanse it, to really get in there to feel it, giving myself at home spa days…time to write, do yoga, dance, cleanse, clean out my closet, let go and revamp… it is delicious and rejuvenating…so I can rock the year ahead with love and empowerment, add to that lots of laughter and dance…I am ready to go!

And now I have two words for this year

EXCITE and IGNITE…what are yours?


Friday What is rockin’ it so far this year!

Here are some great bits to share with you today, to think about

*Need a little unplugging?


*a killer article about one of my heroes:  Guy Clark…

*need some more questions to guide your transition from 2013-2014? Here are ten more!

*more yoga in 2014

*more earth magic

*I am sooo into cooking soups…most of the time I am the improv queen in the kitchen as well as on the dance floor…but got to have this...vegan hoppin john

* have a giggle, all you writers out there! http://www.danaleipold.com/2013/06/17/10-reasons-writers-life-drive-you-to-drink/

* This was fun, my year in review, some photos on Flickr!

*Quotes to live for!

* and finally, if you still want to read other’s yearly overviews! Another year in review from James Clear:

He ends with what he wants more of, sounds great to me!

  1. Rituals and habits. I believe in process. I believe that it’s more important to become the type of person that you want to become than it is to achieve a particular result. The system is more important than the goal. Furthermore, the science of habits is probably the central theme that ties all of my work together.

  2. Adventure and exploration. There is very little in life that is better than a good adventure. The world is meant to be experienced, not read about.

  3. Creativity and craftsmanship. There is a magic that comes from making things. I believe that it’s important to be a creator, not merely a consumer. I want to make sure that I not only share great ideas through my writing, but that I actually put them into practice as well. It’s better to live in the arena than to judge from the crowd.

  4. Strength and confidence. I believe in living a physical life. It is through sport, competition, and physical pursuit that I have developed confidence in myself and I think that it is important to pursue those areas on a consistent basis. Pushing yourself physically reveals what you are made of mentally.

  5. Service and teamwork.. I believe that we should be relentlessly helpful, teach everything we know, and serve whomever we can reach. Regardless of what projects I work on in the future, I hope they will serve others and focus on a cause that is bigger than myself. After working up the courage to write publicly, I now believe that writing is among the most important things I do because it allows me to help people on a larger scale.

Now my friends, take some time for yourself, and enjoy time with your loved ones too…

And by all means, tell everyone you love them! Now…

Thanks for being here…. and tell me your word for 2014, in the comments below!



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