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a poem for Paulette, from the past, to share…

Dance and Desire

I was reminded of this poem the other day by a student from my past! A follow up from my post from yesterday…I share this with you now, to support and encourage you to life the life of your dreams.

Noone can hold you back, or take away your life. Only if you let them…

and often you don’t know that to be true, or how to change that.

How do you move forward? Let go of the past, sounds easy…

but reaching for what you want, not what you don’t want,

letting go of those who have held you down, or hurt you, broke your heart, said no, you can’t do that, took something from you, whatever, quit holding on to that, don’t even think about it anymore…

Define your desires, what your heart is aching to do and to have and to live by, feel it in your bones, your skin, your soul, dance it through your soul and your hips, walk forward with intention, you can have it, you can do it, this is YOUR life, now… what are you waiting for?










Eyes of the girls and the women lock on the edges

of her clothe as she rolls it, pushes it, pull it,

and lifts

maleable on woman’s hips

the female hearts choose this weaponry

theirs will be a battle fought with the body.

thousands of years of petrifying silence

have placed the soul so close to her eyes

her glance is murmured

her stare is shrill

her half moon gaze is the shroud of pleasure exploding walls

feet pattern out to believers a destiny of richness

her body opens up

and her body speaks

the truth that would reveal a liar

for a liar wanted to shut her down

keep her bound and still

no word is spoken

and yet a knowing flutter is taking flight off of tongues

the sound of women who love each other

criminal women who artfully

render vendetta vindicta vendetta

these women are not bitter

they have just learned their lessons well

connecting with the earth

her roots distend downward

she conducts the spirits

her body they share as medium

a turbulent thrust

and an arched divinity

conclude this embrace

as she gently shakes her ancestors into safe slumber

Noone will stop her from dancing

never again

–for paulette

with love and belief, Naomi, 1993

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