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Are you afraid to dance? Or even say the word….

Are you afraid to dance?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADoes the word DANCE make you break out in a sweat or have you clinging to the wall?

Are you fearful of letting go and moving your body? Maybe because it has been so long since you got up and grooved out, or someone never showed you how?

I have been dancing all of my life, and love to feel the rhythm pulsing through me and out of me and grooving, and I forget, sometimes, that some people don’t know how. They just don’t.

But you want to!

Want to move and feel loose and limber and free. To allow their body to lighten up and shake it out. Maybe some rock  club dancing, or partner swing, simple stretching, or bellydance, or yoga, or any matter of moving with freedom and passion…

“As my desire to bloom arrived, I flourished. No longer fearing the journey it takes to truly open and unfold. Deeply I breathe in as my breath is taken away. I found my voice, yet even as it lay dormant in the quiet. As I stumbled in the sometimes darkness and fell, Standing back up brushing off the bruises I knew I had found my way”

~ Anais Nin

My role as a dance teacher has always been to show you how to move, to loosen up, to enjoy your body. To feel you own soul and heart. To swing the hips back and forth. And not to feel self-conscious. Easy to say, right? I try to encourage community support and love.

But if you have never, or haven’t moved that body of yours in that way in a long time, whoa… scary bit of life.

I’ve had women come into my classes, terrified to dance, to show their bodies. As if exposing their lack of movement would make them less human, or less beautiful. But like I said, my role is to guide you to view your body, as your temple, your tool, and your vessel to celebrate the being that you are!

Just today, some super wise and dear friends told me they were intimidated just by the word, DANCE!

Whoa….major light bulb just blew up in my head!

I have been immersed in the word, the world of, and the activity for so long, and as I have reached out to you, I assumed you understood — bad on my part…

understood what I do, not just what I have done, but my world of dance and body and word and acknowledgement and clarity…and celebration of who you/we are, right now!

and I KNOW how to help you move your body, to guide you to those hip swings and do those rib cage isolations, and those very deep breaths and forward bends, and that long slow relaxation to help you feel sooooo good and honor your precious self.

But I have to have YOU to do that. I want you to know how beautiful you are.

My 8 week e-course,

Dance & Desire: From The Body To The PageWebBanner dance&desire-1

starting just about now, is meant for YOU, with different methods, ideas, stretches, dances, some slow, and some fast, some familiar and some foreign, some comfortable and some outside your box, but all there to assist and guide and inspire you to MOVE! To feel you body and to LOVE IT…

as well as to jot down your words, your thoughts, your dreams….

No worries, no experience required, remember noone is watching… this is a course for you to play with, to feel good, to take time for yourself, to write the words and find your desires…

to finetune all the fabulousness that you are, and to define what you really truly deeply want…without any pressure or embarrassment!

To move that body! And then to use the body to anchor in those thoughts and feel freakin ‘ awesome!

This dance is less about getting the steps right. It’s about moving your body in a way that makes you feel aligned,  connected and joyful. 

And forgive me for just thinking you knew what I meant...

This course is for you, no matter what movement and dance experience you have had in the past or present… you just know you want some clarity, some inspiration, some acknowledgement, with your words and your body and soul…this is your chance to  move it and shake it and laugh with your whole being!

Come on, you can do this… you want to do this, you need to do this…and let’s move it, let’s write it, let’s feel it, get down to those desires and how you want to feel and move, together!

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