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Dream on, but bring your dreams to life!

What are you dreaming of doing? What are your wildest dreams? Or maybe it is just a simple dream? Can you manifest it or all of them?

Write it down, expand it, detail it, make it real. Out of your head and into reality. What are you afraid of? Push through it, maybe write your fears down to. Fear of succeeding, fear of failure, fear of someone talking about you, fear of not being liked.

I’ve had big dreams, and done them. I’ve had small dreams, and did those too. If I think up a dance idea, we try it. It works or it doesn’t. If it does, fantastic, if not, throw it out. Nothing bad happened. I dreamed of making music and  recording a Cd. I have been on at least ten recordings! I dreamed of telling my story, wrote a book, and published it. See, it can happen to you too. Or better yet, you can make it happen.

Chris Guillebeau, on his blog (The Art of Nonconformity),  says that he would

…feel bad about missing out on something because I was afraid. What scares me the most is NOT doing something.

Ever had that feeling? What do you want to do? With your dance? Work? Life?

Is that enough questions? OK, then…

Surround yourself with good people, positive energy, and get out of that negative rut. Bring on the dreams…

Would you share it with us? We can all benefit from each other’s dreams, inspirations, good vibes, ah yes…

Just to share with you someone who is doing good stuff…check these gals out!