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Taking Tribal Global–Friday Bling

Taking Tribal Global–Friday Bling

Hello my friends…

good Friday to you…

I decided to call this Friday blog,

Friday Bling…because,yes it still rocks my world, all these little snippets of goodness, but we all need some sparkly bits and these bring some shine on to me, and I hope to you too! I love my blog, I love writing and sharing my peeps, my heart and soul, and yours too…

And you, MIDWESTERN women…

Two BIG workshops coming up in Columbus, Ohio this March!

not only am I teaching a Collective Soul Levels One and Two in Columbus Ohio in March,

but now I am also teaching a one day Desire Map Workshop!!!

desire map columbus

So excited for both…I love my dancing and growing tribe in Ohio, and I KNOW you will love both of these workshops. They are both full on, intense, soul searching days full of goals with soul, connecting your inner workings with outer connection, in so many ways… Please do join me for one or both of these weekends, I  know they don’t come around that often, so get your deposits in now to hold your spot (this is very important for me to know who is joining which workshop) and I’ll see you in March…

Collective Soul certified

What a lovely overseas dancer has just written me about the Collective Soul and Teacher Training courses she is undertaking…

(says Carolyn Hardy)–

you (Paulette)  have also give us PPP (privilege with permission enjoying the power within us) to enjoy and understand this are this art by guiding us through our journey.      

love that-PPP!

and now for the Friday Bling…

women who rock the world

Have you taken this personality test yet?

in the comments below, tell me what you are!

I am an ENFP (assertive variant)!


Yum…make this! 

Wowza! Now HERE is a skirt dance

The Free People woman lives free through fashion, art, music, travel and everything in between. She pushes limits in the name of adventure – 

Need some easy and healthy, inexpensive lunches?

My beautiful dancer mate, student, and a Gypsy Caravan Master Teacher in Australia just wrote me an amazing compliment

...we had such a great workshop today too….so many different tribes coming, and a lovely newcomer asked me ….Nina, how do you know so much?

As we had drummed zilled, sword….all the trimmings,,,,, and I told her I had this fabulous teacher, that never lets you settle, that takes you out of your comfort zone, that teaches you dancing isn’t just steps, but a many layered experience. I could see that haunted look for knowledge in her eyes…I told her this is just the beginning! Just want to say thankyou!

thank you for sharing…


Feature of the Week

Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 6.17.56 AM

Gypsy Caravan Online Class #7- Earthy Walks and Stomps!


Did you know that you can become a Gypsy Caravan Affiliate? check it out here and join the tribe!


How was that for some bling? Tell me what you think, in the comments below…

Alright, have a blessed and outstanding weekend…take a breath, do a shimmy, write a poem, give the world a kiss…


paulette's desire map workshop logo
First time in Columbus, Ohio

The Desire Map Workshop

with Paulette Rees-Denis

An all day women’s retreat!

Saturday  March 21st, 9:00-3:30

Don’t YOU desire to feel great, in your body,

in your soul, in your mind, in your business?

What DO you desire?

Join us to be nourished, to dream,

to honor and cherish ourselves.

Register here


Collective Soul certified

Collective Soul Levels One and Two-

the Two day (each) Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance Certification Intensive!

Join Paulette Rees- Denis in Columbus, Ohio, March 27 & 28, and 29 & 30, 2015

Read more and register here