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Friday, Tribal Bellydance is rocking the world, and here is to more for you!

Friday, Tribal Bellydance is rocking the world, and here is to more for you!

I’ve had such a full couple of weeks, so fun and fabulous, teaching and performing, then glamping and playing music, having almost a week off by a lake in Coeur D’Alene with my gal pals, (why don’t I do this more often?!),


have a fun look at this video we made, thanks Jen!


and then back to work prepping for some new Gypsy Caravan Tribal Intensives in Portland this August.

certificate-buttons-green certificate-buttons-red

**Gypsy Caravan’s Collective Soul and Teacher Training- Portland August 2014

  • August 7 and 8- Teacher Training Level Two
  • August 9 and 10- Collective Soul Level Three
  • August 11 and 12 – Collective Soul Level four

read more…Collective Soul and Teacher Training

And now I’m spending the weekend in Chicago at the Tribal Rev festival! My 3 workshops: Writing for Dancers, Tribal Orbits, and Tribal Shawls, are happening, along with other fabulous dancers and teachers doing there Tribal-inspired thang… my gal Amanda and I will perform Saturday night at the Gala Show… To bring all these folks together through the dance, how amazing…to follow our dreams and our bliss, to rock out bodies, make friends, get inspired and inspire, fill up and then take it all home…ah sweet memories…




*For now here is my weekend bag of inspiration lovelies for you… do enjoy, and let me know what moves you!

**Yay! I just had an article come out in the latest FUSE Magazine!

On Finding Inspiration….

And thank you Kajira Djoumahna, for remembering our sweet past encounters in the early days of “Tribal’!

Gorgeous magazine, great articles, I am honored and proud to be included…Thank you Madame Valerie Zuza Vigdahl…for all your hard work! Well done…and YOU can subscribe here…



**Beauty and a speech!

**Lovely…walking mindfully in the world

**can you go meatless for one day a week???

**OMG just a spoonful of honey…whoa…

**and I have to make these, and want one NOW!

**another magazine to peruse--Taproot magazine!

** a little help to lighten your life

**and how freaking cool is this? go boys…

**ok, here is a biggie! Finally being addressed…. Fed UP…watch this…

~~~~~~there you go…I want you to dance away the weekend and rock what you believe in!

Thanks for being here with me….

**Oh, and if you missed it last time around, guess what?

Now is the time to mark you calendars!


with Paulette Rees-Denis and Lynea Gillen…

This is a course for you if you want to dance, move your body with freedom, write, sparkle, stretch, shake it out, dig in, breathe, and find your bliss…We want you to have some time for yourself, to experiment with your dance, and to feel blissful in your body!