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Get your mojo on!

Hi you glorious creatures!

Just in from my morning power walk/run and it is cold here, unusually… but I so love the crispness of our fall, the colors make me swoon. And since it’s not raining, the sun shining on my face as I do my morning gratitude practice with my daily power set up…well that all just puts me in the best state to take on my day with direction and love…both practical and heartfelt!

But peeps, I too have a hard time keeping my momentum and focus…especially after being gone for a month. To re-organize, sort through piles of emails (if you haven’t heard from me, try again!), and remember what project I’m working on, get my daily schedule lined up. I bet you know what I’m talking about.

Often you don’t even have to go away to get those overwhelmed feelings, right? Feeling like you’ve got so much on your plate, don’t know where to start–so don’t start at all–kind of feelings. How do you get through them and see some light yonder?

This is what I first work on with my coaching clients…you have to start fresh each day. Sounds simple, but if you set yourself up for success from the start of your day, throw in love and gratitude with your calendar, feed yourself, and most importantly, get that body moving in some way that you love, well that is a recipe for superstardom! Or maybe just a pleasantly fabulous workday!

Some of you have heard me talk about getting my day off to a great running start, by running! I love it, I love being outside in the morning, no matter the weather. Moving my body like that makes me feel alive–my body and my brain–it gives me momentum, revs up my engines (yeah I have more than one engine!) some days it is only 10-15 minutes, others it can be almost an hour. But I am addicted to it. It makes me feel so good, and that is the feeling we are all after. TO FEEL GOOD…. In everything we do.

I set myself up for daily success! And make my action plans, and just do one thing first. When you are overwhelmed, just do one thing friends. Just do it. And that will lead to the next thing, and pretty soon you are on a creative roll, getting focused, unstuck, gathering your vibrant momentum, and making your magic.

I know you can do it… starting now! And let me know how it goes…

And tell me in the comments, what you do to gather your momentum and get unstuck… love to hear your stories.

With so much gratitude for you…



What’s going on and coming up?

A super fabulous fall is upon us!

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