Tribal Bellydance Online Classes – Class Two

TT Online screen shot class #2

Paulette Rees-Denis’ and Gypsy Caravan’s
Tribal Bellydance Online Classes
Class Two
With Paulette, Carol Vance, and Hilary Giovale

Filmed in Flagstaff, AZ

Are you ready for Class 2?

If you are starting here, let me tell you a bit about these sessions…

These are meant to be used as tools for you to improve and practice your dance. We have recorded them in short little segments so you can have a quick warmup when you need one, learn and review and refine a few steps at a time, and do a little or a lot of drilling! Your choice and your time…

Isn’t that great?

As I travel the globe and teach workshops and intensives, and practice with my Gypsy Caravan clan, we are delighted to bring you these fresh short snippets of Tribal Moves, Combos, Warm-ups, Interviews, all sorts of goodies to get your Tribal on, from beginning steps to more advance combinations. I’m excited to see how these classes progress for you, and as the classes grow.

Some of the moves may be a bit more difficult for the beginning Tribal dancer, but remember to be patient with your self as you journey on your tribal path! Drilling is the key, and getting your technique down, after you train your body and your mind to learn the steps and have them become fluent for you, as in any language. Then you can add the more difficult steps with smoother transitions. Work your body, and enjoy the dance, little by little, and you’ll see how all the steps meld together to be a cohesive language!

This second class in the series includes four 16- 22ish-minute sessions, made for you to practice at home or in your studio. Each series has one warm up that you can use it repeatedly through the series, or on it’s own everyday to build up strength and flexibility. Then we start with a basic move and build on it. In each session we break the moves down, drill them, work on transitions between the steps, and layer with more complex variations and combos. Also, included in the set is a long drilling session to help with your brain and your muscle memory!

Repeat and practice as much as you can.

Don’t forget to refer to the entire series of our Gypsy Caravan Tribal Technique DVD series to enhance your practice and your dance. (Series #1-#11), available from my website. And of course take a workshop with me or one of my Gypsy Caravan dancers or certified teachers whenever you can. Nothing is better than studying in person. But I really want you to have fun and love this dance, and love yourself!

Also, to further your knowledge of Tribal, take time to read my book, Tribal Vision: A Celebration Of Life through Tribal Bellydance! Enjoy my blogs about Taking Tribal Global, and my Tribal travels! Plus I would love you to read my Tribal Revelations and Tribal Manifesto! You will find all of these, plus our Gypsy Caravan music, and more, available on my website. Watch out, I might even get you writing!

Enjoy your dance, feel your passion, build up your knowledge and body with correct dance technique, pay attention to your breathing and your posture as you stand still, walk, and move, while you practice alone or with your friends. Dance with intention. Tribal is meant to be shared with your dance partners, so learn how to be present in the moment as you use our improvisational language from our Tribal Bellydance repertoire. Allow yourself to feel the strength and the beauty of the dance.

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Thanks to Gypsy Caravan Dance Company, Int. dancers:
Paulette Rees-Denis
Carol Vance
Hilary Giovale
Thanks to Gypsy Caravan for their fabulous music that always keeps us moving!
Videographer: Pete Giovale
Editor: Carl Vandervoort
Thanks to the Giovale family for the use of
their gorgeous home and garden in Flagstaff.
And thanks to the great crew, Joyce and Jim Walter.

Paulette Rees-Denis’
and Gypsy Caravan’s
Tribal Bellydance Online Classes
Class 2, 4 sessions
From Flagstaff, AZ
With Paulette, Carol Vance, and Hilary Giovale
Class 2

Focus on steps with several variations and combos

Part 1. Warmup

2. Takseem and variations

  • Snake Arms
  • Wrist Accent
  • Structural Roll, with arms and inside wrist accent
  • Arabic walk, with wrist circles
  • Arabic Variation #1, levels with snake arms
  • Orbit one, with Arabic and snake arms to switch leads

3. More Ghawazee Variations and Egyptian Basic Variations

  • Ghawazee Variation #2, with 1/3 turns
  • Ghawazee Variation #3
  • Ghawazee Shimmy
  • Ghawazee Shimmy combo- with back ¾ shimmy
  • Egyptian Amaya- with Egyptian Basic and Amaya Box, on the corner box
  • Egyptian Basic and Double Egyptian
  • Egyptian basic- side to side
  • Yasmela’s Combo- (short)- based on Egyptian basic

4. Drilling!

  • Combining last session and this session…dance on…