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Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance Offerings:

Online Classes and Courses with Paulette and the Global Caravan

Enjoy your dance, feel your passion, build up your knowledge and dance repertoire, add in correct dance technique, while you practice alone or with your friends. Dance with intention. GC Tribal is meant to be shared with your dance partners, so learn how to be present in the moment as you use our improvisational language from our Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance® library of global moves. Allow yourself to feel the strength and the beauty of the dance.

These online classes are meant to be used as tools for you to improve and practice your dance.

  • some review, some new, some drilling, some chilling

Global/Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®

the Tribal Connection Online Courses

plus 22 Tribal Technique Classes:

A yearlong series called the Tribal Connection, made for you from our Global Certified Master Teachers! With all levels of technique, adding in zils and props such as swords and baskets and fans! Warmups, yoga, meditations too…  over 12 classes to choose from: here are just a few!

































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Online Classes #1 -#22  are here for you!

Practice anytime you want, for short snippets to fit into your day, or take an hour or two and dance into bliss! Lifetime access- download and keep to dance when you want. Some warmups, breakdown of moves, lots of drilling, all levels from beginning to more advanced dancers –add new moves and review to refine your steps…

Click on the links of each class below to read more details on which steps are included in each class, and go directly to the shopping pages! Easy… and have so much fun…after you purchase the class and we send you your private link to our video on Vimeo! You download and have at it, dance and drill whenever you want! Easy…


Online Class #1–Focus on basic steps with variations and combos

Join Paulette and Gypsy C. dancers- Karen, Gina, and Carol — includes a warm-up, 3 technique workouts, and a long drill…

**view Trailer for Class #1, here!

Online Class #2–Focus on steps with several more variations and combos

online #2 class screen shot

Join Paulette and Gypsy C dancers Carol Vance and Hilary Giovale–filmed in Flagstaff, AZ!  Let’s work it dancers! get your tribal groove going… basic to more advanced…layer and add variations!





Online Class #3–More Tribal Bellydance!

with Paulette Rees-Denis and Karen Hunt from Gypsy Caravan Dance Company. Join in with some Gypsy Caravan Tribal Belly Dance®, first, with slow moves, and then add some faster moves to your tribal repertoire! Several sections of technique and drilling with several other moves, for you to dance along to, review, refine, and add new steps. Enjoy…

Online Class #4–Tribal Drilling

paulette and karen screen shot

This is a three part workout- Grooves and Drilling, with a mini choreo to follow! With Karen and Paulette




Online Class #5–New Combos–Delicious, Slow, and Fluid Combos with Cinzia DiCioccio

This is a more advanced  class with brand NEW moves, featuring Cinzia, using Gypsy Caravan moves in exciting new and sassy combos

Online Class #6–Circular, Slower Moves plus 2 Orbits

With Paulette and Cinzia Di Cioccio — Review, drill, and add more steps to your dance, and a few orbits to share with a partner!

Online Class #7–Earthy Walks and Stomps

With dancers Paulette, Carol Vance, Karen Hunt, and Gina Lee — Using different walks to travel and use the space, rooted and grounded moves, with that powerful folkloric styling, all levels… enjoy and get that Tribal feel!

Online Class #8–Slow and Stretchy Warmups–Need more, here you go!

Now you have time to slow down, breathe, and warm up the body, whether you are going into dance gear after or you just need a good stretch and strengthen session!

Online Class #9–New Fun, Fast, and Funky Combo Variations With Cinzia DiCioccio

Screenshot cinzia online #9 2014-10-15 23.15.55

Are you ready to step it up and add some feisty new combos and variations on our Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® format?

Online Class #10–Funky Bits and Groovin’ It Up!

Wanting a good 25 minute dance workout? With twelve moves to step it up and have fun with your dance!

plus bits of drilling to get your Tribal on… enjoy your dance, tribal rocks

Online Class #11–Slow Feel Good Moves

Starting with a high energy warmup–let’s get the joints juiced up for some slow moves
that feel so good on and in the body, and look divine!
Review, refine, and learn new steps… and then drill, and a cool down to end!

Online Class #12–More Slow Feel Good Moves

Starting with a warm-up, get that body ready!
Add 6 new yummy moves for your Technique, do your Drilling, and Cool down–end your work out and feel great!

Online Class #13–Shimmy Queen–Defining Shimmies

Get those hips moving! Includes warm-ups,  8 Variations, and Drilling

Online Class #14–with Paulette Rees-Denis and Amanda Richardson

Egyptian and Turkish Variations

11 variations and 21 minutes for you to get dancing and drilling… enjoy!

Online Class #15–with Paulette Rees-Denis and Amanda Richardson

Ribcage and Hip Variations

This class includes 9 steps plus a Drill to get them into your mind and muscle memory…

21 minutes…just right for a good quick dance workout session!

Online Class #16–Upbeat Hip Action!

Wanting a good 25-minute dance workout? With twelve moves to step it up and have fun with your dance!

Get those hips moving, do some traveling, and add some faster moves to your dance!

New, review, refine, and drill! Put a smile on your face and get your tribal on!

Online Class #17 –Hip Defining Snappy Moves

For Intermediate/Advanced GCTB dancers! Complete with A warmup, instructional technique breakdown and two drills to get these moves into your body and your dance, along with other steps for transitions!

Online Class #18 — The Rotating Orbits!

Rotating, revolving, circling, spiraling…

Online Class #19 –Super Power Online class #19
Adding Advanced Walks, Lunges, Twists, and Snappy Moves

Online Class #20 — Super Power Class — Zilling and Drilling

**For Beginning to Intermediate dancers ( and good for all levels!)
with basic Zilling demonstrations and explanations, and lots of drilling, with and without the zils!

Online Class #21 —Dancing with a Basket, Part One, with Deirdre Macdonald

This is the first online class in our prop series… using a basket as a prop, to add variations to your GC dance steps!


Online Class #22 — Dancing with a Basket, Part Two, with Deirdre Macdonald

And guest dancer, Melanie Swisher

This is the second online class in our prop series… using a basket as a prop, to add variations to your Gypsy Caravan dance steps!


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