Ah, those questions….

Ah, those questions….What is Art, Passion?

When I work with my students, I ask lots of questions, pertaining to creativity, spirit, dance, body love, ritual, passion, food, business, pleasure, and what ever else comes up. And we journal, and discuss, and contemplate and meditate on them, together and alone. And sometimes my students think I’m nuts! Until they start deeply diving in and actually do the work. Taking the time to sit down, think, and write it out. The words start flowing and the heart pours it out. The excitement of their own discoveries is thrilling. To them, and to me!

My dance,this dance we do, is an all encompassing life style…I’ve been saying that for years! Long ago, as I delved into my own spirit and creative soul to create this Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®, I understood how connected we are with what we create, with how we move, with what we truly want and why.  It is incredible to move the body to feel good, to dance with the pleasure of ease and beauty, to connect with our dancing partners, but we must be connected with our selves first. And how we create and express ourselves, individually and with someone else.

Powerfully. Evocatively.

And that involves the whole being. I believe in walking on this earth with reverance, for the life we have and the life we share with the whole planet, and each other. Dancing our talk. Standing tall and moving with intention. And nothing gives me greater pleasure than to guide someone toward that light of fulfillment, of purpose, of living with joy and celebration.

In Collective Soul Level One, my four week online intensive certification course, we do this work, while we dance and move our bodies. I share with you more words, written by my dancing queens!

Written by Lauren Zanders…from New Zealand


Art is creating something greater than its combined parts, gives people something to experience that then leads to something to think about something and to feel.
Art is a combination of many aspects that a person or group of people that feel emotionally responsive to, and have grouped together some or all aspects to create a presentation.
Sounds so incredibly sterile, doesn’t it?
Art for me is an incredibly wide and varied definition.
First and foremost is the emotional reaction from the creator/s about the creation/s
Imagine yourself as a young child dressing as a fairy and granting wishes, you were creating something that you felt emotionally attached to, a positive feeling presenting a theatrical presentation to who ever wanted to see, this to me is art.
Perhaps one day you will be a loved granny knitting for grandchildren. You will be creating something you are emotionally attached to, a positive feeling presenting a handcrafted gift to a mum for her child, your grandchild, this to me is art.
Art can take many forms, visual, audio, textural, tasty, scented, positive, negative, smile making, world changing.
Negative? But I just said ‘a positive emotional response’? Yup, sure did.
To clarify, sometimes you come across art that jumps up, slaps you in the face, yells out bad words (metaphorically) all in the name of the artist wanting you to feel yuck about something they feel positive about changing etc.
The artist may want you to shrink back in disgust, to give you something negative to shake you into being aware of something else.
Sometimes what is labelled art is just shite, but that is up to the individual how to interpret what they have been communicated via the art.

PASSION!! Addiction and obsession!!!
That feeling about something/someone/somewhere that drives you to distraction!
It sits in your chest and sends out warm fuzzes driven by endorphins!
It triggers memories that a situation/event/experience or person created that feeling in the first place.
Passion is the ultimate feeling of achievement, of connection, and the drive to replicate that achievement, to find a way to keep the connection.
Passion is the indicator that tells you that you have chosen correctly for you, the indicator that your spirit is connected, your heart desires, and your mind needs to partake.
Passion is the positive need to continually repeat that which makes you feel the ultimate wonderful.
Passion prioritizes itself at the top.

Written by Iris Meinl, Desert Moon Tribal, Germany

iris meinl photo

Art is something which has created by somebody with the aim to be perceived with at least one of our human senses. Art is created by humans for humans! Even if we can find some art in the animal world – for example the courtship dances of some birds – there is a difference to human art. A human creates art because he decided he wants to create it. A dancing bird does not dance just because he wants create some art for an audience. He dances because he wants to get his wife!

So creating art with awareness is a human thing. We create art to stimulate our own senses or the senses of other humans. We create music , which can be listened to. We write books which can be read. We paint pictures which can be looked at. And we create moving art, which is mostly not permanent like acting or dancing (except you make a video of this).

Some art speaks to us and we love it. And some art which has created by other humans, we could hardly “accept” as an art. Because we don´t like it or because we don´t think that this is a very special thing. But if someone created something with passion and with the clear intention to stimulate the senses of other humans with his creation then IT IS ART. Even if we maybe don´t like the result. It is art, even if we don´t like this style of music or if we think that a picture which shows just a black dot in the middle is not nice, not extraordinary. Maybe art does not need to be extraordinary every time? Maybe we should learn to recognize and to respect the little art in our daily life – for example the girl in the subway who has her hair colored in a very special way or the graffiti on the wall.


I am creating two types of art. I am a dancer and I am a jewellery maker. For me manufacturing jewellery is an art form because I create it with my own hands following my own designs. And sometimes even the manufacturers of my jewellery findings are artists. Especially when I receive little handmade beads made from glass or clay. So I create jewelleries for dancers. People who also create art for their audience. So if we look at a performance we get so much different at the same time: we will hear the music which has been played by artists, we will see the dance which is danced by artists, we will see the costumes which have been sewn by artists, we will seen the jewellery which has been manufactured by artists, we will see the material of the costumes and the jewellery which has been manufactured by artists, ………. That is great art for me!iris meinl photo2

I also try to create some art which my dance. But mostly I am not thinking about art while I am dancing. Dancing is a way for me to show my feelings. I often don´t listen to the music while I am dancing. Instead I FEEL the music. Especially when I am dancing slow ATS where I can just follow the melody without taking care of the rhythm. Dance allows me to express my feelings. It is like a gate to allow feelings come out from the inside to the outside. To make them visible. I always say if would dance the same song 3 times during the same show, then it would look different every time. Because I never feel and express a song twice in exactly the same way.


Passion is doing things with your whole heart. It comes from your soul. If you can live your passion you will get happy! Passion is a very strong engine. It gives us the power to stand up again and again. Life without any passion is a boring thing!

Ladies… thank you for sharing your words, for taking the time to sit and reflect on these questions, and why you do what you do… for feeling, and living with your heart and soul!

Yes!, that is what I’m talking about!

Can you take a moment, sit down with yourself, and answer those questions…

What is art, to you?

What is passion?

and share with me, and us, here, on the blog!

with gratitude,








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