Oh yes, another giveaway for you…

Hello hello hello this Friday…

Now to tell you about my second giveaway this week! What fun this is…..

(If you missed the last blog post, read about the first one here…if you are planning to attend our Women’s Weekend Dance and Desire retreat in person!)

Today’s giveaway is for YOU if you are wanting to sign up for my virtual class:

Dance and Desire: From the Body to the Page

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My  eight week online class

Body Love & Belly Dance, Soul Diving & Celebration, Movement and Magic…

A dance and written word online course!

New session starting March 20th, 2016!

This is the second time I’m offered this new course, my inspirational offering to you to get you to move, to dream, to acknowledge, all that you are and all that you want! Only offered once a year…spring coming…good timing I say!

What is the course about?

We dance, we write, we sit in meditative quiet and we dance with loose abandon, we bellydance with the feminine beauty and power within us. We work out and sweat, and listen to each other in our private FB group, sharing stories, experiences, truths. All the while we keep moving and allowing the body to be, the desires to percolate. We also listen to several women who are motivating and inspiring entrepreneurs, each in different genres of self-care and physical fitness and spirit questing!

To read more about this course and all the offerings you get during these exciting 8 weeks, go here

And now for the giveaway…

If you register before Monday morning, 9 am (PST), you will get entered to win some goodness! I will randomly (using a random contest picker!)  pick three winners for one of these great presents:

The winners will receive one of the following:

And not only do you get entered to win, but the early discounted pricing for the course is extended also until Monday morning (today was the cut off date)! Wow… don’t delay…

I will post a short little video on Monday to announce the winners! Woo hoo…

Isn’t it time for you to take some time for yourself?

Dance. Words. Desire. Write. Honor. Celebrate. Pleasure. Feel good. Feel you. Move. Now…

Would you like to feel more alive in your body and your heart?

Let’s dance and journal and celebrate your inner and outer passions and desires!

allow your body to unfold with movement, healing, and celebration!

Join us now and get ready to start March 20th…

To live in wholeness, wellness, with pleasure. To walk tall, breathe deep, move forward with intention. With abundance, prosperity, and a body that moves with you, as a woman, a powerhouse, a sensual creature, ALIVE!

Life is a ceremony as we create magic with our bodies and our words…

Join us! Register now and you might be a winner!

Dance and Desire: From the Body to the Page

Paulette Rees-Denis Web-20


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