A Gift- the dance…

The power resonates from the core of my being. Leading with my heart, the spirit moves me, moves through me. My chest rises with pride as I glide over the wooden stage floor. I can barely see the audience; the colored lights are shining on me, not them. But I can see flickers of eyes, camera flashes, and I can hear the murmurs and the breath and the giggles, as I try to connect with them, with my eyes, with my soul, with my body. I do know they are there.

I dance with my partners, a true delight, but here on stage it is a gift for the audience. I give it to them-the beauty, the movement, the power of this dance- as we lock our synchronized movements together, becoming one entity.

The sheer joy, the adrenaline boost, the intimacy we dancers share together is empowering. Then to have the opportunity to share it with an audience takes the power to another level—a heart-opening, egoless yet prideful gift.

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