a great blog for us menopausal women!

I”ve been doing a lot of blog surfing lately, there is so much good stuff out there now, wow…

This morning as I was taking away from “me” time, catching up on my enormous quantities of emails,  (I try to stay below 200 every day, but it is not working!), and I ran across a good article on bone health. The excerpt below about getting a bone scan is important, but I just love the comment in bold! Check out her blog.

Lynette Shepphard


“Stress Reduction 
Last, and certainly NOT least, stress level has been shown to adversely affect bone health. While it may seem that the Big M is nothing but stress sometimes (gee, could that be the main mechanism for osteoporosis?), take care of yourself. Curl up with a good book, take a bubble bath, sit quietly under a tree. Don’t wait until everything is done (because hello, it never is done. Ever.) Don’t put it off and don’t put anything ahead of your “me” time. One of our Venuses calls it “exercising my me muscle”. And if anyone asks you what you are doing? Tell them you are boning up on health and wellness. Don’t wait until you get your bone scan to start exercise and relaxation. Do it now. Goddesses’ orders. “

ok ok, I will! After I feed the goats, chickens, dogs, oh, and myself, and get my dance stuff sorted…

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