a music kind of weekend…

A bit more inspiration…

How fantastic—I got to indulge in music all weekend. Friday night brought me into our rehearsal, as Jeff (horns), Brett( doumbek and djembe), and myself (frame drum, riqq, doumbek, percussion) were playing for three hours Saturday at a wedding. Although it was in the 90’s outside, we played in a park in the shade of a few magnificent redwoods. We started by playing a slow and graceful ayoob to process the bridal party in. The ceremony was short and sweet, and to raise the energy we played an upbeat beledi to process everyone back out and to the feast!

Then we played for a few hours, with time to get into an improvisational groove, middle eastern turns trancey shifting into the blues with a jazzy beat. I was in heaven to be able to play for so long, it does become a meditation, wether slow or fast, like the dance, when you can get into it without a stop and start time frame. You just get deeper into it, listening to all the nuances, watching your partners, trading solos, switching instruments, butnot letting a beat slip, improvising as the tune continues. Jeff played some deep didgeridoo wails, settling into the melodic airy swirl of the ney (flute). Brett plays a steady drum, trading back and forth from the djembe, to the doumbek, or both at once, with a few cymbal crashes, then into the haunting chime of the tibetan bow. As Brett held the rhythm, I was able to switch from frame drum to the riqq (my favorites) to the zils, the caracas, and then the doumbek. First time I really kicked on a drum solo. What a blast!

Sunday Jeff and I went to the Scottish Highland Games to see the Wicked Tinkers play. Heard of them? Check them out on Facebook. They tore it up with a blend of bagpipes, bohdran, snare, davul, and didgeridoo. Beautiful men in kilts. Yeh! And they were great musicians and entertainers! Some jigs were happening around us as they kicked it up. In between songs they were good jokesters too.

To top it off, one of the vendors was selling refurbished mandolins, violins, and guitars for REALLY inexpensive. I have been borrowing my brother’s guitar over the last couple of years as I sold mine a long time ago. I grew up playing the organ and guitar, and have been wanting one for a long time. Waiting for the right moment, you know? Here was this gorgeous red guitar calling my name. And with the right price tag. Jeff said merry christmas and away we went, home together with a red guitar. Now to just harden up my fingertips again…

So some great inspiration from the weekend for a couple of new recording ideas and a new CD-in-the-making dreams.

Music makes the world go around….

and the hips shake, don’t you know?

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