almost the shortest day…

Doesn’t it always go so fast? the lunch break, the day, the week, the month, and now the year? This year has been about me living more in the moment instead of projecting forward, and yes, it still goes by fast! But I”m learnng, and enjoying, and still struggling, but this is my life! and I do love it…

I haven’t been blogging like I used to, that is one of my, well, not regrets, just not quite what I expected. My writing has taken a bit of a back seat, with opening the Cultivator General Store this last April, among the bits and pieces of dance, farm life, and travel, and I miss it!

so that is one of my thoughts for the new year, to write—about dance, farm life, food and wine, whatever else rears it’s head— and to blog and to teach more writing (which I”ve so enjoyed when I have done). Thoughts become things, a mantra, an idea, a dream come true…a good lesson from Mike Dooley, many thanks Mike!

so my lovely dancing friends and readers, let’s move into the coming light together, shall we?

big snow 12:06

Happy solstice to you….

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