another bit of history!

We forget sometimes, where we have been and what we have done. At least, I do! Then I get an email reminder of some of my Gypsy Caravan past, and oh, it is exciting to revisit it. I am grateful for the work that I have been able to do in the dance world, tribal bellydance, through recordings, documentaries, instructional DVDs, performance productions. I have worked with brilliant dancers, musicians, storytellers. I am thankful for the dancers who have accompanied me on my journeys, giving their time and dedication and skills to spreading the joy.
I just received an email about the Giza Awards coming up, and they listed all the winners over the past 11 years. Gypsy Caravan won several awards through them, including Best Historical Documentary–Tribal Travels;
tribal travels pc.indd
Best dance troupe; Best Live Performance, Best Video (unfortunately my earlier productions are not available on DVD) .
What an honor to be commended for my work, and what a privilege too. Many thanks to the Giza awards, and to all of you who have supported my work over the years. And how great to still be dancing strong, with many more projects under my hip belt!

and you can still get our documentary, Tribal Travels: A Collage, by filmmaker, Christopher Ritchie, here!

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