another whirlwind of traveling tribal!

What can I say? Another whirlwind of dance, intensives, testing, more dance, celebrations…Milan tribal rocks, with dancers from all over the world…


check this short video clip out on Vimeo! Tribal Rocks Milan…

Collective Soul Levels One, Two, Three, and Five, Teacher Training Levels One and Two, a hafla, plus a little time to walk around, do  some filming for my upcoming new projects with my dancer Cinzia, and then whoosh… off to Austria for another fab weekend… and I”ve never been to Linz before, so am very excited to walk my feet on new ground! More on that trip later….

let me tell you that these dancers were troupers! days and days of dance and intensives and nerves and fun… but all have come away full and happy….

so not only CS 1 and TT1 as posted last week , but sweet satisfaction to the dancers from

Collective Soul Level Two


Wendy Hughes and Cayte Lawton (england)…

along with Eleanor Shirkie and Catherine Taylor for revisiting the program (highly recommended) before undertaking…

Teacher Training Level Two…


Wendy Hughes (wales), Eleanor Shirkie (scotland), and Ilaria….

Collective Soul Level Three

Ilaria– Italy and Catherine Taylor–England…Wendy Hughes–Wales


Collective Soul Level Five….


Rebecca Forster (Australia), SunFyre (Scotland), Sherry Coffey (FL), Deirdre MacDonald (scotland), Toni Ree Grenz (NJ)

and many thanks to Cinzia and the dancers for making a really fun workshop…here are some photos and a video clip of some of our formations we were working on in the workshop….


and click here to view some workshop formation fun!


How about you?

Want to be the best tribal dancer you can be?
Want to improve your technique, posture, and confidence? Want to go inside and find out why the dance is so profound in your life?
Join Paulette for our Collective Soul intensive certification courses,
dance hard and celebrate our dance!

NEW DATES this Fall in Portland

will be October 4th- 8th, 2013

Join Paulette and Amanda Richardson for the

outstanding Gypsy Caravan Tribal Intensives:

Collective Soul and Teacher Training Level One …

and the possibility of CS Two to follow, if there is enough interest!

Let me know what you would like to participate in!

email me at and join us for a whirlwind of tribal fun!

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