Baby Chooks

I am now the proud mother of six baby chicks. We have them set up in our T@B camper (until we go glamping  [glamour camping] next weekend!) In this batch I have a Barred Rock, a silver Banty, a lovely striped Americauna, a Golden Sexlink, a Rhode Island Red, and a Buff Orpington. They are all so tiny, as they were two days old when I got them two days ago. What a wonder of nature to  watch these exquisite little creatures, and hold them in the palm of my hand. They chirp, fall asleep standing up and fall over, run around, and nip at each other. Delightful and beautiful. Now I just need to name them. that is really hard. I am observing them as they develop their personalities. So far I’ve got Diamond and Cutie Pie. Got any good chook names?

And to think, I”ve got nine more coming in June, after my two baby goaties, Gimli and Sully! A few of them do this lovely long stretch with a wing and a back leg, that has inspired me to create a new dance move. Just needs a little refining! And it is NOT the Gothic Chicken 🙂

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