Bammo, the answer!

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Bammo, the answer! 

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I love when I get hit with an answer. You know that feeling? When an issue you’ve been pondering over, asking for guidance about it, trying not to second guess yourself, allowing time and truth to work itself out? And then bammo, the answer jumps out of your heart!

And I also love it when my theories and beliefs are acknowledged and proven– spot on for me.

As a dance teacher and guide, I too, need to have a teacher, in many areas of my life-business, spiritual, fitness, etc. Having that assistance keeps me learning, balanced, and in tune. One of my values in life is that I love learning new things—there is so much to experience about this life we have, and that is beyond thrilling. I never want to feel stagnant, or like that jaded person, who always says, “been there, done that”, even as I grow older and wiser! Experience speaks for sure, and I so enjoy connecting with my elders and mentors to listen and learn and share. Important for my work as well as my sanity.

When I’m dancing, and getting into the groovey trance space, that is a great time to allow thoughts to flow, to let go of anything I am holding onto and just to be in that moment. Over the years I have taught this, to be in the body as well as the mind, in all of my variations of classes–Dance as Ritual, Tribal Bliss, Tribal Trance, and now Dance and Desire.

We really do need to stay connected to ourselves in body and mind and spirit, they are so intertwined. That keeps us healthy and in alignment with our authentic selves, our truth, our beauty. And finding pleasure in the connection, the celebration of self!

And here again, this morning in the dance class I was taking, just allowing my body to move, to flow with grace, to just follow the leader/teacher, and enjoy being in my body, to enjoy the rhythm of the music, to feel the sweat and the smile as I moved and grooved. And then bammo, the answer to my lingering question popped into my head and flowed out my hips! I wasn’t even thinking about it at the time, just enjoying the moment and it was a moment of intense gratitude and alignment. (And to think I almost did not go to class!).

That is such a pure state to be in, the moment of the moment, the flow and the ease, the desire of peace, the not knowing and the true knowing, all at the same time. Alignment. Such a great word! And an even greater place to be in.

And for that, I am grateful.

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