Barcelona, take 2

I wanted to share some more photos of our trip to Barcelona. The architecture, the street art and performers, the food and wine, the dancers, and all we did in just five quick and packed full days…We walked and Duclinea shopped :), and we ate, and we danced.

On the first day, we ventured to La Sagrada Familia , the still-in-progress cathedral conceived by Antoni Gaudi. No sharp corners in his designs, all very strange and strangely beautiful. We ate tapas and drank wine and cappucinos. After sitting on that long flight, it felt great to just walk and walk, even though we had not much sleep. The sun was shining and all was well in caravan land!

It was a bit hard for me to find good food to eat, being vegetarian and wheat-free, but when I found it, it was so yummy. Gina had a full plate of Spanish meats every day and was very happy. Dulc tried a little of everything! and we looooved the Creme Catalana, like a creme brulee… Always great cappucinos, and refreshing cavas, (sparkling wines) which Spain is noted for. We found a wonderful olive shop, with olive oil soaps, lotions, olive oils, vinegars, and stocked up on those goodies, and the french man who ran the shop was extremely cute and helpful! A great clothing store was Desigual, where I got a very cool dress and the best hand bag. The clothes were exceptional and very colorful, so different and many one-of-akind shops. That was refreshing to see, not the large strip mall conglomerate stores like we have everywhere now, in the states.

Hooking up with dancers Heidi and Melanie, who have studied with me in the past, was great fun!  We danced hard and then hiked around town, eating our way through Barcelona. Gina, Melanie, and I were able to hike up (and I mean hike UP) to Parc Guell, the park designed by Antoni Gaudi. It was a gorgeous late afternoon, after dancing for five hours, and lovely to be outside and see his bizarre creations. The Gypsy gals shared an apartment with Maria, the photographer for the weekend workshops and show. She was a gem to get to know. And our host Maria Rosa, from Mandragorla Tribal was always smiling and delightful, although we did not get much time to hang with her as she was running the festival.

The show on Friday night was great fun, with a variety of dancers—Sufi, Kathak, Tribal, Silk Road, and Bollywood. It was good for us to do the show on Friday, then we could concentrate on giving great, informative workshops all day on Saturday and Sunday. And as tradition goes, during our noon time breaks we ate 2 course lunches from a small bar down the street, which were amazing. And then we had to go back and dance, wow…And we did! The dancers came from mostly around Spain, and danced hard with us. We had several interpretors when needed but our hips did most of the talking. Crossing borders and uniting the tribes, yet again…

a successful adventure…

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