Being a teacher and having a teacher…

Today I am preparing my itineraries for my teaching travels this fall and winter. This includes travel flights, accomodations, workshop titles, Collective Soul and Teacher Training Certification applications and programs, and the calendar…oohhh the calendar! That is the hard part!

But what is delightful is when I read what another dancer has written, about dancing/training with me. One of my lovely student/friends in Australia, Dee from Tribal Blossoms, will be one of my sponsors in February. She wrote about studying with me in the past (see below). This is truly rewarding for me, to find out how useful my teachings are, and to help support her on her path of tribal bellydance!


I’m really excited to start promoting our next big event in Brisbane – Paulette Rees-Denis is coming here in February 2010!! I’m so excited, and just pleased to be able to see my teacher again and continue on my own dance path, and give you the opportunity also to dance with this wonderful woman. I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on the Collective Soul program….
For me my decision to undertake Collective Soul was a personal one, to step up and really undergo that intensive training. I’d experienced Paulette’s wonderful workshops before and knew I wanted more….they ARE challenging absolutely, but I also think we all love this dance because of the challenge, and the connection we all receive. As a dance teacher I felt so inspired to take on more in my classes, to explore more of the rhythms I’d touched on in my dance history but perhaps had not explored with my students, to continue to push myself and my students into areas of growth….as a dance student I was just so happy to be a sponge and listen, and learn, ask questions, and experience it. For me it really did give me so much direction and confidence in my own dance and my school, and I would encourage anyone who has the funds and the time to do it – its a wonderful experience, and I think learning direct from a master teacher is an absolute blessing.

Also if you and your community are still yet to master the basics with Gypsy Caravan dance format and would like to be involved in the workshops either in Brisbane, or around Australia please talk to me, if I can travel or put you in touch with someone who’s able to help you get the best out of your dance now’s the time we need to plan. Paulette’s DVD series is a wonderful tool to help learn this dance, and can be ordered direct from her site.
Of course she is promoting the fact that I will be there. But Dee is not afraid to share her soul, nor is she tentative about saying that she, a well-known teacher in Brisbane, loves to have a teacher. Many teachers/instructors stop learning or taking classes from others, thinking they know everything already. As a student and teacher of this dance (and many other things!), I am always on the eternal quest to learn, study, listen, watch. To take in aspects of what ever it is that I’m doing at that moment, to relish in the moment, but then to be able to use it to better myself. It may be a new teaching method, a different dance step, a new way to do a sit up, another way to explain a bellyroll (thank you Hilary for that!). If I stop, I will get stagnant. This dance is so vital, and it is a living artform, one that has a strong foundation, but one that will always be evolving, changing, growing. As do I.

That’s Dee, 2nd from the left, with all my other lovelies from Collective Soul Adelaide 2008.
*By the way, if you  are interested in my workshops in Brisbane, you can contact Dee at

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