Caravan Dance Collective at MedFest in Seattle

Five of the dancers trekked to Seattle on Saturday to participate in the Meditteranean Fantasy Dance Festival that ran all weekend—Bonnie, Karen, Carol, Peggy, and Lydia, with our youngest dancer, Lydia’s little daughter Aubrey! A beuatiful day to be performing outside amongst a trilion other bellydancers. What fun! Throw in some shopping, socializing, and then a waterfront glass of wine after all was finished!
I love those gals!
A lovely dancer who has been dancing with me for a few years, said to me the other day in dance class that one of the things she loves about tribal, is that as she grows older, she can grow with the dance, as it is a dance for women of all ages. That’s what I say, we should be able to dance at least until we are in our 90’s! 🙂
And look at the Collective, all ages, some newer dances, some who’ve been with me for at least fifteen years, and they dance together, and dance with wisdom, beauty, and sincerity.
and I thank them for their gift of dance.

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