Collective Soul Level Three- complete!

Yes, my dancers have done me proud! Amanda Richardson, from Wisconsin, and Hilary Giovale, from Arizona, have completed their certification in CS 3! They are the first, other than my Gypsy dancers, to have gotten this far with my training. They have worked so hard to get this far, believing in this dance, in me, and mostly in themselves! It takes courage, time, discipline, desire, and yes, some money, to keep studying with your teacher, especially long distance. These girls have achieved the next level of their goals, Collective Soul Level Three! And they want more…

Amanda and Hilary

What can I say but woo hoo, dancers, you are rocking out! On we go to CS Level Four, and Teacher Training Level Three, and rumor has it they may be joining me, Gypsy Caravan, and the Caravan Soul Collective International in performance next May at the Tribal Fest, in California. I have been confirmed as a teacher again this year on Sunday May 16th. Very exciting news, and what an honor! We love our annual pilgrimage to the dance festival, seeing good friends from around the world and lots of innovative (and sometimes not) dance performances. But it takes us all to make the world shine and be exciting and full.

Can you feel the love?

Anyone else going?

Tribal Fest 10 “A Decade Of DecaDance” May 12 – 16, 2010 Sebastopol, California or for more info.

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