Collective Soul Online, Level One Registration OPEN today!

Collective Soul Online, Level One Registration OPEN today!

Happy Monday to you…

I am so delighted to officially launch the registration opening TODAY, June 1st, for

Collective Soul Online, Level One!

which starts Sunday, August 2nd!

Collective Soul certified

You get four weeks of ME in your inbox!

But that is not all — dance and warmup videos, meditation audios, PDFs full  of writing prompts, and join your course mates in a private group  — with women from around the globe…

**Remember, this is for YOU… to take that time for yourself, your dance, your heart and soul!

Because I am here to guide you to dig in, name and follow your dance dreams, get your body grooving, fine tune some of those dance steps, find out some more of your Tribal history, and get your body and soul aligned with what you truly desire! I also ask you to make short videos of you dancing the required steps for me to help you with, after you post them to me… no worries there, this can even be filmed in your kitchen! But I really want to SEE you dance…that is necessary in this course, and fun too!

We meet our global sisters on our private FB pages–how awesome is that? I send you journaling prompts to get your brain jump started and let those ideas and dreams start rolling through your fingers onto the page. We do some breathing and meditations, and talk about self-care! Plus learn drum rhythms and finger cymbal patterns! wow… all in four weeks….

Sounds exciting, yes? Enjoyable, and yes fairly intensive. You have to want to do this work, to do the dance, to reach into your soul, and take time for yourself–most importantly!

You ready to join us?

I invite you into our online tribe to get your Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® on!

A Little Video from me!


And Now, you can register here….for Collective Soul Level One!

and when you register, I will send you, FREE, my first two Tribal Technique DVDS for digital download so you can get up and dancing with me while you wait!

and remember, Gypsy Caravan Teacher Training Online, Level One, follows in September…

Testimonials About the Collective Soul course!

I’ve gone to lots of workshops and now actually have taken a number of online classes too and I just have to say WOW. You gave SO much during this course! I loved the journaling, meditations, breathing – I wasn’t expecting any of that and it was just wonderful. I love that CS dips us not into just movements, but into the entire GCTS lifestyle. And WHAT an introduction! This course was so accessible – I realize that many teachers shy away from online learning, but in this age it’s so accessible. I felt you had a perfect way of evaluating students’ progress, and the comments you made were not only kind and constructive but far more detailed than I have seen in other cases. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who’d like to learn GCTS of course, as well as any dancer who’d like to get a great introduction to a well rounded bellydance program.


I loved the entire course, I loved knowing other dancers were out there around the planet, drilling, dancing, coming to grips with moves, getting tired and hot  (us in the tropics)  or cold (the russian crew ) and yet we all were dancing and learning and feeling connected through Gypsy Caravan and the awesomely amazingly Paulette who is such a great role model of commitment and desire and a bundle of energy which fostered a desire to excel.


It was such an energizing experience for me,  of being part of something so special and receiving personal attention for your dancing such as these experiences bring. It is exciting to be part of the Collective Soul that Paulette has been working on for twenty years and is now a truly global dance style.


Doing the CS1 and TT1 has helped me to develop my dance personally, helped me to grow with it.  I find I am dancing with more confidence.  It has inspired me to develop further, take more courses, workshops and learning. I am always eager to learn more and more.  I find I have studied myself more closely, my posture, my presentation, my projection, so that I can dance to the best of my ability and really be me when I dance.


I really did enjoy the connections on facebookt! I wasn’t alone, I learnt we are all different with similar goals yet some of us were going through the same emotions which helped reading knowing I was human. I felt love and support which picks you up and keep going breaking through my own blockage and making progress. Thank you Paulette for this wonderful journey!


About Paulette:

To any embarking on this journey of dance, you cannot find a better teacher, mentor or guide than Paulette.  She is an inspiration to all who meet her and anyone who is interested in studying this style of tribal bellydance.  She is also a very down-to-earth, friendly, knowledgeable, spiritual but grounded person.


Register NOW for Collective Soul Online, Level One…

And see you soon!

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